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Im always tired man!!!!!

I don’t know what the deal is but I’m always tired. I eat 5 times a day. Stay away from crappy carbs and to many for that matter. I get 8-10 hours of sleep everynight. I mean after I wake up an hour later I feel I need a nap. Its sick. I also take some thermos to help pep me up. Any suggestions or anybody knows whats wrong??? Thank you!

It might be a thyroid problem, go get it checked it out.

I have the same problem and it stems from bad clinical depression. If you can, tell your doctor and get “tested”. It may mean medication, but it could be worth it if your suffering like myself.
Cheers - Kaleb

It might be your thyroid but don’t jump to that yet…you might be borderline/or anemic (lacking iron) big time i get like that some times and i am semi anemic (especially after workouts) so my advise would be to jump on the heavy monerals and antioxidants… iron and metals in your bodies are used daily to help keep your body in check also you sweat alot stuff out of your system when you are working out.

If I do have problem will the medication I need interfer with mag-10 or any supplements?

Definitely check for thyroid dysfuntion, then depression (serotonin/dopamine meds). If not those, are you overtraining?

Re: Medication and Biotest supplements.
I represent a rather severe case of depression, being on 3-4 meds most of the time.
When I have actually gotten a hold of Biotest supp’s here in Canada (they should just come with the paper), I have yet to have an adverse reaction. There has been no lack of results.
However, read the labels!!! If your in doubt, don’t take them! I know I don’t have problems, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t affect others. Hope that helps.

Hi, Dedrick!!! There are a few additional things to consider besides the great suggestions thus far. 1). You’re taking thermogenics. ECA stacks are supposed to by cycled to give your adrenals a rest. The fat burning is great, but the adrenals pay a price. Another thing with thermos, you only get a “lift” in the beginnning. That lift you get fades over time, though the fat burning of the thermo does not fade over time. Tied in with the thermogenics, is how much caffeine are you taking in per day? Repeating, caffeine and thermo’s deplete the adrenals (and energy levels). 2) What’s your activity level like (work & workouts, both)? How many calories and how many carbs are you getting? If you’re in a cutting phase or trying to drop weight/BF, people sometimes make the mistake of cutting calories too low. There’s great debate on this subject here on T-Mag, but the bottom line is that we’re all biochemically unique and you have to try different things to find what works best for you. Myself, I took a BodyGem/MedGem test and found out that the 800-1,000 calories I was taking in was half of what my body required (i.e., Resting Metabolic Rate was 1,667 calories). I doubled my calories and upped my carbs from 30g to 100g per day. Not only did I start losing weight again, my energy shot through the roof. 3) Diet. Carbs could be TOO high. Carbohydrate intake is directly related to seratonin production (a brain chemical that among other things makes you sleepy). A high-carb breakfast might be causing you a problem if you’re carb intolerant. Does diabetes run in your family? Try a protein plus fat breakfast and see how your body responds. Dedrick, you probably need to provide us with some more information: a) diet, macronutrient breakdown and caloric intake b) weight, BF% and body composition goals c) how often you workout, how hard and how often d) what you do for a living (i.e., sedentary or hard physical labor) e) your age f) stress levels g) when your energy levels dropped. Going to a doctor for a checkup is definitely in order. Also, consider working with a good, nutritionally minded DO or DC. Good luck to you, sir!!!

In addition to some of the good suggestions above, I would suggest thinking about when you started feeling tired all day. What changed? Did you change a bunch of things all at once, or can you identify maybe one thing you changed in your diet/training/sleep that seems to be a bigger factor? I used to sleep 8-10 hours a day, but I would usually go to bed whenever I got there, and wake up around 7 or 8. My work situation changed, so now I go to bed at 10 and get up at 5, and my energy levels have improved significantly. I’ve read that when it comes to sleep, consistency makes a huge difference. Some believe that shifting your sleep schedule up a few hours, so you go to bed and get up earlier, also helps because it’s closer to what’s natural. Of course it all depends on the individual. I would at least consider these factors, in addition to dropping the ECA for a while.

You may be vitiam B deficient. Most americans are. With out B your body has no way to turn food in too energy. Try loading up on B complex for a while give it three weeks and you might be suprised. When I worked at GNC it was easy for us to sell this to our gensing customers. The found out that after build B up in there body they did not need the gensing any more.

in addition to anything else it still could be blood sugar