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I'm Always Hungry


so i have been trying to lean for some time now and im happy with my size im about 235 5ft 10 in.
The problem im having is i am allways hungry. Any tips to stay full so i dont eat every thing that is infront of me


More fibre and protein in your diet.


ok some more tips

.Drink more water.
.when you feel like eating do something else to occupy your time or draw your attention away from eating.
.snack on something small when you have to.

  • judging by your Avi pic you don't seem very lean at all...make sure your not crash dieting.


a vitamin E deficiency can cause hunger issues. it may be placebo but i've been taking 800 IU's a day and noticed im not as hungry any more

and you'd probably want a "mixed tocopherols" blend


he never said he IS lean, he said he's happy with where he's at


Your reading it wrong I didn't say he did... I just pointed out that he wasn't lean.


give me a break... it was insinuated


More plain (un marinated, unseasoned, no sauce) chicken breast. Either boiled or grilled and slightly overcooked.

Most satiating food on earth. Not in the sense that you will enjoy eating it, but rather that you won't want to eat anything else after chewing that shit for 45 minutes.


you could try IF'ing . i used to have constant hunger and thought about food all the time when i was on 6 meals a day . when i switched to IF'ing that hunger went litrally overnight ive also heard this from alot of others that switched to IF .


^ I agree with what Iia says above.

What does your daily intake look like?


I can't believe I'm writing this, but most of Bunny Bench's advice is pretty good.

A few more tips:

-Look into Intermittent Fasting.
-Don't keep too much food around the house. One thing I do is to only keep foods that involve meals. I.e., I won't have stuff like almonds or string cheese around because they're too convenient to just sit and snack on incessantly.

What does your training look like?


I hear you, brother.

  • a better distraction (work, hobby, sex)
  • bulky vegetables

Wow that's cruel. But, from my experience when I've cooked bad chicken, probably brilliant.


My pic is a few months old im quite a bit leaner from its then its hard to explane my diet well cuz i don't have a exact plan i just eat what seems to be the best choice around me. I try to eat alot of tuna and talapia and chicken and beef With veggies. But it seems an hour latter im ready to naw my arm off. I try to eat fruits if i want to snack but i can eat a bag of oranges and it wont be satisfying.

My training is pretty good i lift with a good group of guys that have been both pro bodybuilders and powerlifters, my cardio could be better but i don't want to loose size. But i don't really use a protein shake or anything like that ever


Alot of broccoli and pepsi max, Fibre and carbonation seem to do the trick


Seems to me that having constant hunger is just a behavior/habit you have to go through and overcome if you want to achieve a decent physique. There is a big issue with people having trouble making a distinction between hunger/appetite/satiety. Especially having a bodybuilding personality of extreme thinking (either 100% clean or binging), along with having the feeling of being deprived, lack of will power can hinder you in making decisions.

It's all a mental mindset in truly understanding that we eat to live and do not live to eat. I absolutely love food and never had trouble not eating enough, but once I started understanding/overcoming some of my behaviors a little bit better and started implementing better eating strategies, things started to be a lot less stressful and complicated. Assuming that your macro-nutrients are in line, you shouldn't really have much 'crazy hunger' up until you've really dieted down or you're body is depleted or hormones are imbalanced.

A couple things that really helped me with hunger is...
-skipping breakfast/IFing
-drinking tons of water and staying hydrated
-avoiding any food cues (watching foodnetwork or any other food channel)
-OCCUPYING myself (reading, socializing, studying, yard work, cleaning, etc.)
-gum every so often (but try to limit it because I get addicted)
-chewing food THOROUGHLY (especially proteins) really helped with satiety and GI function
-fibrous veggies
-carbonated beverages every so often
-making food more enjoyable by having a variety of options and seasonings to cook with makes me feel a lot less deprived and much more satisfied
-caffeine! (no-brainer)

In general, decide on your goals and do what you have to do to achieve them. If you really want to succeed, you'll do whatever it takes in order to make it happen. If you consistently lack self-control and eat everything in sight, your making that decision.

Every decision you make has a reason behind it. There is no easy way out. Just have dedication, hard-work, and consistency towards the right paths and results will eventually come. It's great to be around experience people that have been there. Listen to them.


is IFing just eating three big meals a day?


no it can 1,2,3 or 4 . the number of meals aint important its the macs n cals n time spent fasting n feeding thats important


IF is basically just a short fast from the time of your last meal (around 8-10pm) to your first meal the next day (12-2pm).

The times can vary depending on the time you go to bed and other stuff. I have always eaten this way without knowing that I was following IF. I have never been hungry enough to eat breakfast and don't want to force food down my throat.


when you spread out your meals more...your body gets used to using it's own glucose rather than relying on exogenous glucose all the time...there is adjustment period obviously...


lol yeah your right....