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I'm Addicted to this Song/Music Video


Cassie ft. Lil Wayne-official girl

Yup it's my guilty pleasure. The song itself is bad ass, but I prefer the video. Cassie is so fucking hot it just isn't fair. Her face is perfect. Check it out!


"check it out" posts must include a link.


Link please.


Oops My bad:


Not a big fan of the music.
But the girl is hot.


It's tight


I made it through, but only after muting that shit and covering wayne up. Girl is hot. Song redefines garbo.


Girl is hot. But for me the song doesnt flow that well. The beat and her style of singing dont go together.


waylander you know how we know you're gay?

haha just kidding. giving it a listen "BRAH".


lol it's mainly just her. SO HOTTTT. I know someone will like it!

lol bug you said brah again haha


that's nothing waylander. my current guilty pleasure that i keep watching is the stupid video for "diva" by beyonce:

i guess i'm mesmerized by how hot she is and how she can get away with dressing and dancing so ridiculously


lol bulldog wtf @ her sunglasses


cassie is dumb hot.


im addicted to this

i think its hilarious.



who did she bite that "...version of a hustler, of a hustler" line from?


Yeah, real sad thing is you'll probably start seeing them randomly now that Beyonce wore them


Just dance... everything's gonna be ok... do-do-do-do-dum...


i fucking hope not, but i know i will. i mean look at the sunglasses im wearing, for fucks sake ill probaly have a pair of those too.


haha YES