I'm Addicted To Podcasts

There, I admitted I have a problem. I can’t stop listening to Podcasts. Does anybody know of some good Podcasts about fitness or whatever else that I can download? Lately I’ve been listening to Max-Out Radio and Big Butt Radio. Thanks.

Charles will be on “Fitness Rocks” in about a week or so :

Also, check out Carl Lanore and Super Human Radio
he has a pretty good archive . This is the link to the Charles interview but you can get to home page from there as well:


Also- Mike Roussell has some good stuff over at Max out :


The Fitcast is ok, check it out, alot of guys who post here do interviews on it… such as Staley an Berardi

I don’t listen to any fitness or lifting podcasts, but I do use ChinesePod to help with learning Mandarin:


If anyone has any interest whatsoever (I’m sure there has to be at least one other person on this site who is learning or wants to), check it out. It’s fantastic.

Other stuff related to learning Mandarin and written Chinese can be found on my blog:


They just started a podcast for Spanish, too. It’s called Spanish Sense and if it turns out to be as good as CPod, I’m sure it will be useful to many more people here:

There is also JapanesePod101 which also seems good, but I haven’t listened much because I’m not learning Japanese (yet):

Anybody know a quick easy way to get podcasts onto an iRiver with a PC?

Thanks for the info everyone!