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I'm addicted to M

Hey I was just wanting to know: How often should I come off M? I seriously think I’m addicted to it. I love it cause i sweat way less when on it.I feel a whole lot better. I think(I think) that I’m a little leaner while on it. I do come off like once every 2 months for like a week or two but pitt out like crazy then start back up. I don’t think the vitex does harm but does any of the other stuff? Thanks in advance


The was just reading the yesterday that that “vitex” has been used for 1000’s of years. The ancient greeks used this herb for energy and sexual function.

Have you ever stacked it with Tribex, if so what were the results?

I’ve just used it along with Tribex so I do 4 weeks on/1 week off.