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I'm a Super Noob


I'm new here, just found the site while surfing the web and I have recently become interested in lifting. I have always been athletic until high school ended (2000), which means now I am 23 yrs. old and out of shape. I am 5'8" 145 lbs. I have been that weight as long as I can remember. Sorry for the lengthy introduction. What I am really wanting is a little more bulk but not extreme, as I want to start studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and/or other martial arts. I also want to quit smoking and I need something that will get me away from the cigs. OK with that said...

What I want:
-A bit bigger chest/arms
-Bit bigger legs (fairly big now for size...I played soccer up until I graduated, 6 years competitive)
-A list of supplements I should get.
-A better diet.
-More Stamina
-and Help :smiley:

I am really a noob to the whole program thing and I would like any suggestions for my size and what I want as to what I should do and how long.

BTW all I have currently is a 30 lb. barbell set (interchangable), which is very limiting...and can't afford to go to join a gym...

Thanks a lot guys sorry for the lengthy bit, just really interested and want to do this right.




Protein and Creatine


Well, try eating like this:


...and maybe use an exercise program that does not require a lot of equipment like this:


...or ,if you do get access to a gym, try this:

You can afford cigarettes but not a gym membership?

...look around... find something that piques your curiosity and run with it... Good Luck!



Great point. -_- You are a genius, I quit smoking and allocate that money to a membership. Or at least more weights.


Thanks a lot i'll look into all that for now and post when I get some more questions. You guys own!


Creatine--quite honestly I'd wait a bit on that. Heck, he can't even get to a gym right now. Use that money+cig money to get your ass into a gym. You have to prioritize--do you really want to begin this discuipline?

Put all your money into food and then a gym and then take a look at supps somewhere down the line when you get some goals in line. Just get started doing something now! Go for a walk--now!


LOL ok sasquatch :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be best to talk to a trainer at the gym? They charge to train you and give you a plan and stuff don't they? Generally how much is it? Because I need a workout routine as well. For the week or whatever.


oops the program was already covered, disregard the last line of last post sorry. Doh.



I agree with all the above. Lets see you hit the gym. Most important thing is to break the bad habits and build new habits.

Don't sweat the details. Get movin... keep us posted...

I like 2-4 week cycles. Go for four weeks. Adjust/Refine. Repeat.


Danke, and as for the speed issue, I heard that most martial artists or maybe it was just one discipline start lifting heavy with less reps, then move to light with more reps in a session or whatever, is that true?


Dave23, it is just strength day and speed day. It is not limited to martial artists. A lot of people (mainly athletes) who recieve little or no improvement from linear training (e.g. 4 weeks in strength, 3 weeks in power and then 3 weeks in speed etc.) would use this type of training.

Geek boy


Alrighty thanks :slight_smile:


You don't need a trainer, you have 5,000 of them here:)

Really, you don't know what you're getting out there, and you have access to all of that info in written form here. Any questions, just post.

The important thing to know is not to even worry about specialization at this point. Get going. Do the basics. As you build a base, of both muscle and information, then you can tweak to a more specialized type training.

I personally feel though, that is 1 year away--minimum. Learn the exercises, get the groove, build yourself a base, and then try to figure out where you want to go. Your goals and aspirations may be quite different by then.

Go slow though, but go steady. Consistancy is the key--especially at the beginning. Form is very important, don't get caught up in how much you can lift. Don't emulate the 300 lb bencher dropping it to his chest and bouncing it back up for a rep. That gets you nowhere except rehab.


Its all pretty simple, really. Squat, bench, row, overhead press, pull ups. 4 sets of 6 or 8 - three times a week. Make it hard to get the last couple of reps. But don't fail. Put the bar up if you don't think you can get it. And make sure your squats go deep. If you can't go deep, use less weight.

Eat more. Good food. Stay away from fast food.


Oh, and find yourself a spotter/training partner that is already achieving the goals you are setting for yourself.

After a couple of months, look in the mirror. If you really work, you'll like what you see.


Thanks a lot guys, you all help out a whole lot. Yes, I can understand heaving while getting the shit kicked out of me LOL. If you have ever watched K-1, Pride FC, or UFC you will know. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks guys much love.

I do have a question of what "rows" are?


Sorry for a post after a post, but I didnt get last up on screen it didnt refresh in time, but I was just wondering on where I can get a concise list of terminology on weightlifting.


Well, if you can't find it here, try this site:


Lots o' examples, muscle maps, small videos showing form etc.


Well I haven't looked at every part of this site but I will check that link out . Thanks :slight_smile:


What are ROWS? As in rows like rowing a boat? Or no?


No that would be more like an aerobic exercise.

You'll have to google it or find it. It is quite basic, but long and cumbersome to try to explain in type.

Simply--pulling a weighted barbell from a bent over position, to your upper ab area.


Row away, Dave23, row away indeed!