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I'm a Newbie

I’m a bit of a newbie on here (ive read a few articles but nothing very significant) and i was wondering if u guys could help me get started.

I play alot of Rugby (i’m english) and i need to bulk up having lost a fair amount of weight recently.

I could do with some fairly simple suggestions that i could work into my day, because i haven’t got much time on my hands.

I’m 16 btw and my schools just recently bought a weights room. Any suggestions to how much i should be using it without burning myself out during the season (i train 2-4 times a week)

Bit of a long message (sorry)

WELCOME to the site.

Just try and take it slow and make small permanent changes. Stick to and learn the big compound movements.

Here this thread should provide more than enough.

Newbie thread

Come on back with any more questions

Welcome aboard! The thread that Phill posted is a great one, everything from training to eating to supplementation. Take your time and read through as much of it as possible and keep one important thing in mind: just keep it simple at first and add the complexity later. A lot of people are very gung ho to start out, but try to take on the world before they get the fundamentals down.

And don’t worry about your post length… that is actually pretty short compared to some of the novels routinely posted on here.


  • Return with honor.


Welcome, in time you shall be super-noob.

Just playin around, in all seriousness welcome to the site and hope you find what you’re looking for here.

N.B. He said he was in season.

I don’t know how to adjust for that, so I’ll shut up now.

Hello mate

Its good to have a fellow Englishman on here - welcome.

My advice to you is to go to the article library on this site, look in the ‘search by author’ section and read everything you can by Chad Waterbury.

The specific articles I would focus on are (1) Waterbury’s Top 10 Tips (2) Total Body Training (3) The Science of 10x3 (4) The Waterbury Method.

I would also read John Berardi’s Tips artcile as well to get to grips with the nutrition stuff.

Where in England are you?

im from dartford, near london. North West Kent

Thanks for all your help guys. ive read most of the information and it should help get started. thanks


Glad we could help and keep us informed.

Also dont hesitate to come on back with more questions or help others with the new knowlegde you gain.