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I'm a New Guy at 62


Just found this web site and DAMN! what a bunch of information, I have been reading the articles and other things on here since yesterday.

I was diagnosed with diabetes 3 months ago and have lost 30 pounds since. I am 5'8" and 150 now. I started weight training about a month ago, have been walking and building up the distance since the first day I was told of the diabetes. I still have about 10 pounds of fat on me, believe it or not. I am a small boned guy so this is not as small as it would sound.

I am taking this disease very seriously since both my father and older brother died form it, my brother was only 57. My oldest son also has it and is on shots already. I can't convince him that diet is not enough to control diabetes. Mine is under control and I have to take no meds at all. It was caught early and I went right to work with diet and exercise. My glucose levels are running in the normal range with every test.

I was one of those who sat on their ass all the time, at work and at home, well except for a few years there where I rebuilt the house. :slightly_smiling: But in the last 4 - 5 years I have been sedentary, I believe that was when diabetes caught up with me. Now I am really into the weight lifting but I have run into a problem. Twice in the last month I have slipped a disk while doing barbell curls. My Chiropractor has been able to easily take care of it both times and was told by a friend, who has been a football coach for over thirty years, to stop the weight training until I strengthen my core and back. So I guess until I get that done I'm going to be looking for exercises that will do just that. I have had a suggestion from the beginners forum but any other suggestions will be well received.



Nice to see you over here too....


Welcome - You'll find lots of like minded lifters here and get some great info.
I'm also short, small boned and get'in old. But lifting will take years off, and add much needed muscle mass to your frame.

I like the recommendation to strengthen your back and core first. Golden advice.
Enjoy the journey, its a marathon not a race.


Welcome, Widgeteye! Wow, what a story. I think Old Navy is the only one here older than you. I'm 55.

Is it type II diabetes? My mom had that and she died of a stroke in her 70s. I'm sure it was brought on by diet - we ate junk growing up. Carbs and more carbs (called starches back then), very little fibrous vegetables, and little protein. What diet are you following now?

I can relate to the back problem. Scoliosis in 2 places, plus physically weak during the first half of my life. Went through a rehab period of 6 weeks to toughen up the core area and stuff. A set of general exercises which got me ready for weightlifting. Now I'm a deadlifting machine (sort of). Is that what you're looking for?


Welcome to the rest of your life. You seem fired up. The core is the best starting point. Flexiblity is also very important and your injury prevention medicine. At sixty-two your healing abilities are very slow, always warm-up. One moment of neglect equals months of regret.


Yeah, type 2. My diet is lots of fish, chicken, veggies, and fruits. Occasional red meats, occasional because I am still trying to drop some fat off the frame.
I'm not really looking to become a "shredded behemoth" (saw that phrase on this web site, funny) but I do want to build some muscle and be in great shape. I'm retiring in 2 years and I plan on buying a small airplane and going around the country visiting the g'kids. They're spread out from south Texas to Alaska. :). I'm sure the kids would love having me hanging around for a couple weeks. Har!!




Sounds like your diet is going in the right direction. By the way, red meat isn't fattening, it's the potatoes, rice, etc, which puff out the midsection. If you don't have any allergies to it, go ahead and enjoy a good steak, it's healthy. If you're trying to lose fat, the calories in meat might make it hard to meet your quota, otherwise I wouldn't worry.

For severe fat loss, I recommend the "Paleo" diet. Here's a link to everything you could want to know about it, and then some:


For weight lifting, you need to get the protein intake up over the basic diet.

Do you see an orthopedic doctor for the back? Can he set up with exercises that will get your core into shape? That's how I did it, and it worked fine. Or maybe a personal trainer. You probably noticed we do the big lifts here - squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, etc - those give us the most bang for the buck. Once you can deadlift 200 lbs or more, you'll be picking up your grandchildren with ease.


The great thing about lifting is it's never too late to start. There are quite a few 'older' guys new to it on here making awesome progress.

Welcome and best of luck.


Welcome to the nuthouse.


Hell of a web site, I've been there reading for 2 days.


I have been here reading for 8 years and I i'm still learning, lol.

Welcome here!