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I'm A Joke

VJ, the women are making fun of you because you are skinny and you are talking about training.

shifty, LMAO!

Scratch that, I meant colin’s remark.

Colin is right, you are skinny yet you are talking about training, if you were 190 they would not be so flippant. Eat something.

Sorry if that reply sounded ‘assholish’ but it sounds like you know your shit with training but you waste your time because you don’t eat and i used to be the same way and it gets to me sometimes, sorry bro.

Bodybuilders are God’s gift to this entire world. We should bow down and worship them and they should never be made fun of. Come on, guys give shit to each other all the time. You don’t have to be an asshole about it, just give it to em back. I worked with another strength coach who gave me shit about being slow when we ran, so I gave him shit about being fat. Who cares, take it in stride.

Yeh, i to get this alot, but this is what i do to really shut them up quick, i like to reall get ruthless and cut right into them, because wheather they know it or not that is exactly what they are doing to me, and us.

Just look at them STRAIGHT in the eyes with no emotion and say: " Do you smoke? , do you eat junk food , are you over weight, unfit, are you these things??? ( they answer) MMmmm well when you are dying, your kids are crying and your wifes a widow, no sympathy will be coming from me " or somthing alomg those lines, beleive me it takes some balls to say but you feel good, this is all kind about that snobish thing TC was talkin about

When I started at this corporation a few years back I was still pretty massive in comparison to the typical lardass or pencilneck engineer. My -first- day of work these to guys in another group were joking around with each other and make the comment “We didn’t know the company had a football team.” at me! These guys were skinnyfat types and had been obviously been making comments me for a couple minutes to which I was oblivious to because I didn’t consider myself to be that big at the time. My reply? "Well, you skinny faggots are obviously the captains of the cock sucking team. I’ll leave you alone now so you can get back to “business”. When I said business I gave them the blowjob sign. (made a fist and shook it like they were sucking a dick) I then spread rumors of them being gay around the office. Needless to say they kept their fucking mouths shut around me from then on. I don’t know what it is, but I always seem to picture skinnyfat guys being ass raped in prison and liking it. I’ve been watching too much OZ on HBO.

Soooooo… you like picturing skinny-fat guys getting ass raped in prison???

When I pick it apart intellectually, it is rather disturbing. Then again, I don’t think that life should be taken seriously. Anything can and should be made fun of, lest we dry up and die. Besides and perspective which fuels my disgust of the skinnyfats, is a good thing. However disturbing.

When I used to work in a prison, and some of the imates used to harras me, 5’9" 350, powerlifter/strongman, they always tell me that I was fat , until I tore a phone book in half , that seemed to shut them up.

Hey James, did you give the inmates the Jim Kubler blowjob sign? LMAO!

VJ, there’s been some good advice posted here. After carefully reviewing everything, here’s my four-part plan: Colin is right. If you’re skinny and talk about training a lot, you’re going to get shit. So (1) quit talking about it 24/7. 2. Gain some weight. 3. Since these are (mostly) women that we’re talking about, I suggest telling them that it bothers you when they rip on your bodybuilding aspirations. Point out that you don’t make fun of whatever it is that they’re into, and ask them politely to stop. (Like I said, this might work with females. With men, of course, it would doom you to constant torment.) 4. If they don’t stop, follow Chin’s advice. Rip 'em apart. After all, you’ve given fair warning. The next time one of the fat asses gives you shit for being skinny, ask her when the last time she got laid was. (When she doesn’t answer, you can speculate that she must get lonely - but then of course she has her fat to keep her company, doesn’t she?) You might also print out the Merry Christmas Bob article and leave it in someone’s locker or something. Believe me, once you stop taking it they’ll stop dishing it out.

Ratso: I wouldn’t recommend that. That’s called ‘advertising’ in there, and you bet your ASS you’ll get customers. My variation only works on heterosexual skinnyfats.

Prison fact of the day: Those little pats of butter you use for your dinner rolls in restaurants are used by prisoners for masturbating and “other types” of lubrication.

Sorry to sound thick guys but what is a skinnyfat???

Thanks for the info Jim. I guess I will now have NO PROBLEM passing on the dinner rolls and butter the next time I’m in a restaurant.

pj: Skinnyfats is a term I use to describe fat people whom if you were to rip all their layers of flab off would be ultra-skinny and or weak. They’re basically skinny –and- fat at the same time. They have a high tendency of being mentally retarded or sometimes just seem that way. Though found globally, this sub-specie of human filth is highly concentrated in the Midwestern United States.

Thanks for the info. Living in England some times your American terms get us lost on one but I understand now. As we have them fat slobs here too.

Well, I hadn’t thought about the fact that I’m skinny and talking about bodybuilding (why would a skinny guy talk about bodybuilding…I wonder) but they know i got a membership to the gym for Christmas…uh like a couple weeks ago…
Second, I’m never talking to them…I’m talking to these two guys in the breakroom. They just butt in on the conversation.

Maybe they will shut-up and mind their own business in a year or so when I “look” like what I talk about.

sounds like you are getting a lot of advice here. Thing is, they won’t stop and I think you know that. One power move is when they start flappin’ their doughnut eating second chin at you, stare them down and don’t say a word. Make it a good long stare, no expression whatsoever. They will either scurry away or will if you break the silence with an “aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway” then look away toward who you were talking to. Suggestion 2, if you are in a break room, you could sarcasticly stand up, grab a chair and invite them into your conversation and offer them the chair, then say nothing. Bottom line is, who gives a rats ass what anyone thinks about you?