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I'm A Joke

Does anyone have a problem with people at work making fun of them because they BB? There are like 2 guys at my work that think it’s cool others make fun of me. I usually say, “It’s my life.”

Bro, there are so many things you can say to these guys to shut them up that it’s not even funny. Both Chris Shugart and John Berardi have some great lines to put down those who feel that they just HAVE to say something about someone else’s lifestyle. And I’m sure the forum can back you up as well. What do these guys say to you? Post a few of their comments and we’ll give you some stuff to say back the next time. (Or, of course, if verbal confrontation isn’t your style, you can always content yourself with knowing that they’re just jealous and insecure. But that’s just not as fun… :wink: )

There are a couple things I do…

1- Give some nice stats about obesity, death, weight and well being, and so on. Then give some biochemical reasoning as to why anaerobic activity is so beneficial.

2-if method 1 seems to fall on deaf ears, or they just glaze over in the eyes, gorilla press them over your head.

“normal” people don’t get it do they. everyone where i work thinks that its weird when i eat tuna and oats for lunch. needless to say they are all fat slobs (either that or people who eat like shit that have amazing genetics). either way they think i’m wasting my time, i’m sure thats what they talk about during their smoke breaks but i don’t care. i look better, i feel better and god knows i don’t smell like cigarettes all day long; and thats enough for me.

I’m not huge enough to have people think that I’m trying to make up for something, if I was & they did, I’d get pissed off. Then they’d say (sarcastically) ‘Oh are you really sensitive about it?’ or something & I’d have to kick their head in.

Dude, i love that shit. These pathetic morons can think or say whatever they want. Ive gone from being the weakest kid in the 7th grade, to be strong as shit and captain of my rugby club. I’ve also got a hotty girlfriend, who is very flexible dancer. They eat their cheeseburgers everyday and talk smack, but on the weekends I out play them, out eat them, out drink them, and then go home and f#@k all night. They can say/think whatever they want. Im laughing back…

You are not alone buddy I get the same shit off fat ass blokes at work, yes they are bigger than me but it’s all fat. I just know that I am fitter and stronger than them but they would never let me prove it by kickin thier ass in the gym because they are to lazy to get up from infront of the TV in the evenings. When I hear them say that thier fat is just relaxed muscle I just use a bit of T-mag advice and tell them that ya can’t turn lead into gold lard ass.

It is always disturbing to the status quo when an individual actually asserts independence. Also, I would bet dollars to doughnuts (pun intended) that the out of shape, fat guys are jealous as hell. It is like the time I heard some bitch in the gym negatively judge the Fitness O. Her reaction to the women was ‘too big, yuck, steriods.’ Uh huh, and sweetie, you wish you looked like Timea (my favorite Fitness athlete).

Next time one of the geniuses remarks about your goals, ask them if they even have any. When they give you a blank stare, shake your head and mutter 'thought so.'

Next time these pricks give you shit, I would reply with the following comment: " Your ambivalence and condescending attitudes towards strength and conditioning is just adding to the arguement for human cloning as a means to reduce the incidence of idiocy…which you my feeble friends are a case in point!!! Crawl back into your holes you fucking parasites".

Rod_Aust, awesome line man!!!
It’s a little more difficult 4 females b/cause having defined bicepts (they aren’t even as big as some fitness models) isn’t something to rave about - especially in high school.
BUTT (lol) at the end of the day it boils down to who looks better when they’re AT LEAST HALF - naked…

Guess who does???

All depends. When and why do they make fun of you? is it out of envy or is every conversation that they hear you have is geared toward fitness and weight training. Please tell me you don’t wear over tight shirts, oil your skin and flex a lot! I love training but I make fun of that type too. to those assholes, strike up a convo about anything they talk about, give them that, and if they persist in “making fun” of you, maybe opening a can of whoop ass or giving the imopression that you are leaning that way… All depends

They are the joke, not you. I would insult their manhood, especially when women are within earshot. Ask them if, in nature, if there are animals that look soft and fat? Ask them if that is a natural look. maybe then they will realize that they are the pathetic joke, not you. Insult them good, they will never stand up to you. Lastly, ask them if they are queer, or maybe its just a pastime that they scope out other guys bodies.

Those fat motherfu**ers are the real joke. That stuff pisses me off but I still kind of like it cause I can just look at them in their pathetic state and think to myself “wouldnt it suck to be you”.

I work in the dietary dept. of a nursing center. I wear very baggy dark blue scrubs, Jay. I weigh 138.3 lbs. The reason people make fun of me is because they are listening to me and the two guys I talk with about strength training. Counting the three of us, there are a total of 5 men employed there (out of almost 45 employees). That’s why I don’t understand that a dozen middle-aged women are making fun of me. Could it be just the fact that there are so many more women than men? Kinda “Squash The Testosterone”. I don’t make fun of them for being fat, saying they are on a diet, and raiding the vending machine every break. Jade, any womanly insight…?

Don’t talk about it.

Read “Merry Christmas Bob” and use one of those lines. Or do what I do, grab a love handle (male), or tricep (female), and say “I like things to be hard not flabby” give an evil grin, and walk away LOL!!!

Okay so if you are a guy maybe you should say “tight”

JV -

Women or not I woud still go for the jugular. They are the type the zoo on Brittany Spears Because “she’s a slut.” It all sour grapes, they can’t have any so they suck. That is to say, they look like hell and they envy anyone, male or female, who doesn’t.

Then again, if you are talking about BB 24/7, in mixed company, I don’t agree with that either.

Bottom line, don’t let it bother you any more than it has. i’m sure you are not interested in these women on a romantic basis anyway. Aside from that, who cares what women think!

Read Shugart’s two articles called “Alligator Stew for the Soul” and “Merry X-mas Bob” at T-mag. Good stuff in there. The key is to use these people as inspiration, not let them make you angry or get you down. He has another on in the last paper issue that’s good too that relates to this topic a little.

Peaked biceps? You wouldn’t have any pics posted would you?

I get the most shit about it from my grandparents. They have the stereotype of exactly what the biggest bodybuilders look like at contest time and always ask in disbelief, “You want to look like that?” I try to explain to them that I’m natural and my genetics suck, so I could never get that big. Plus, bodybuilder only look like “that” a few weeks out of the year. Nonetheless, they maintain the same unfortunate perception, so I just try to avoid talking about it when I’m around them. Ironically enough, both grandparents lead sedentary lifestyles and have never met a dessert that they didn’t like. Don’t get me wrong; I love them to death. I’ve just learned to separate them from my bodybuilding lifestyle: something that might work for you with your coworkers.

dude, next time they make fun of you find something big, smash the hell out of it, then walk off like it was nothing. But make sure to look fo the puddle forming at their feet.