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I'm A Hero


so today im walking out from work and get ready to cross the street when i see this lady getting robbed. the person takes off into the alley but i know where the alley exits so i cut them off and of course they come out i start chasing her (yeah it ended up being some like crackhead girl) and push her down then she gets up like shes going to do something to me so i grab her by the collar to keep some distance and then judo throw her onto the ground, take the purse back and run it back to the lady. i kept running though and shes like "why you runnin" im like "i dont wanna hit a girl" lol.

so in the midst of the scuffle i lost my glasses (the ones in my avy) and i went home, put away my money and stuff and changed out of my shoes and jacket to go see if i could find my glasses. i decide to walk down a different street cause the last thing i want to deal with is crackheads and of course what do i see but the same fucking group of crackheads trying to rob this like 14 year old asian girl so i go into the pizza place i was next to and tell em to call the cops then i chase after the girl who robbed her,

im like yo u just that fuckin girl blahlbah shes like no i didnt and i said yea, you took her phone, then she goes oh no she still has it and i looked and she did so i thot maybe they didnt get anything from her but the girl yelled at me like 2 seconds later "help me i just got robbed" so me n the little asian girl just followed them while she talked on the phone w/ the cops and im like give me the phoen, i wont rob u but im faster then u incase they try to run. but by the time the cops got there the crackheads scattered - guess it was bad timing to tie my shoe.

i felt bad i didnt do more the second time, i wish they were guys so i could have at least fucked them up. but yea i hope they get caught cause i fucking hate crackheads and junkies. plus what they did was fucked up anyway, trying to fucking jump a 12 year old.


Did you fuck her?


no but i got my sunglasses back SCORE!!!!


Congratulation on doing the right thing - pretty awesome story. BTW, those glasses are kind of ghey, so no big loss there.

EDIT: oh, you got them back - too bad.


To quote a legend:

Stick it in her pooper


Agreed, cool story, glad to hear people are still decent sometimes... but the Kanye glasses are long over-used, not just by Live, but by everyone. Same shit as Uggs/those Bug glasses that girls wear.

Anyway - Not trying to turn this into a sunglasses debate thread haha, my bad!


you're still a douchebag.


id still shit in your mouth and make you eat it.


i dont even wear those sunglasses on my face anymore. i wear them in my jacket zipper, like i zipper it down to about my mid chest and hang the glasses over them like you would the front of your shirt or something. its the new look i invented im sure youll see people jocking it soon enough.

plus all i get is compliments on them - especially from girls.




They're making fun of you, skeezix.


is that why they give me their numbers?

dude just cause youre too lame to pull them off doesnt mean i am. i hope i catch you running out of an alley one day so i can layeth the smackdown on your candy ass.

im done talking about my fucking awesome shades in this threads. if you nuthuggers want an autograph or whatever just PM me and we'll set it up


Well shit I can't find the video. I was going to tell you to do this and link to a clip of Metalocalpyse in which the lawyer instructs the Klockateers to give Dr. Rockso the boots medium like.

Glad you helped people out but be careful man most of that garbage wouldn't hesitate to pull a knife on you for your shoelaces.


lol dude i wish they tried to do something, one of them was like "want to see whats in my pocket" about 50 times each time i said "yes"

i also went out my way to check out this park near my house to see if they were hiding there. and i saw a cop driving down the street w/ his lights low too when i was walking home which was cool.

another funny thing is that the cop who i talked to was the same cop i was talking about in the "ever been arrested" thread who chased me and i told him "not to scuff my fucking shoes" i guess he remembered my full name and stuff and im like yea dude im your guys side now. and then i challeneged him to another race but he wussed out n said he broke his ankles like 2 times...sure.


It's funny that posts like these actually make these two posters look like douchebags.

If you don't like someone, take it to PM or leave the thread alone.



Rock bottom or people's elbow? haha


lft781, your threads never fail to amuse.


So.... What color were the pills you took before having this.. Vision?



Funny story.

Hard to read, but funny nonetheless.


true story, swear to god.

sorry bout part of it being hard to read

but the person who said "why are you running" wasnt the lady i gave the purse to, it was the crackhead who's ass i kicked lol.

but im not a poet, im a superhero.