I'm a Happy Camper

Well I’m in my second semester of school out here in East ‘ssippi and spring ball is about to start. I missed summer camp and showed up on campus to walk on the day they started cuts do to cunfusion between me and the school on dates. I missed the season but took a managerial job doin’ game and practice film, but also went outside my little call of duty and started doin’ the laundry, equipment checks and any other little bitch work the coaches needed (they had guys who had steady pay checks to do this crap). I did this all for a $300 manager scholarship. $300 for 30-35 hours a week for 11 or 12 weeks.

My coaches found out after a while that I was the only dependable worker they had. I showed up 30-45 mins early, left 30 mins late and if the coaches had a problem I took full responsibility and saw to it that everything would be in order. The other workers weren’t worth a shit but I made them look better because some of the work that was supposedly theres was done by me but at that time I wasn’t tryin’ to make any enemies since I was inevitably going out for the team. I was gonna do anything to gain their trust and let 'em know I was here for business and business only.

There’s a new coaching staff and a complete and thurough cavity search on the program. I had my own problems tho trying to find out how I was going to pay for my second semester seeing as my entire first semester came out of my personal bank account and nothing else. I was close to broke and my FAFSA government crap wasn’t going thru right. I was recommended for an academic scholarship but that was haulted when they found out I was out of state. I was worried I was gonna have to go in debt with a loan but that’s seemed to change now.

The coaches are just back from recruiting trips and every phone in the office is going off and the coaches are full of excitement tryin’ to get new players on. I managed to slip into the new coach’s office and sat down with him, told him how I came to Mississippi after bein’ out of the game and out of school for a year wantin’ to play some real country fried football, left everything in California and pretty much don’t know anybody here.

We started talkin’ about last semester and he told me he had heard about me, and what I got out of all my work last year was “complete crap” and that they’re gonna give me a shot, and come summer time I’ll be one of the players competing for one of the 8 out-of-state scholarships, but I better be damned good. But the joy for me didn’t end when he told me that, as appreciation for what I did in the fall my entire spring semester would be payed for. I instantly popped a boner that I’m still walking around campus with. Security keeps approaching me but I don’t care.

I know this is largely personal business and not news or anything anybody would care about but god damn’t I feel great and I’m gonna take up site bandwith tellin’ my story. I’m hittin’ the weight room so hard in the morning, I just hope my boner goes down so it won’t get in the way of the cleans. Thanks for listenin’ if you made it this far.

nice work.

Congratulations and keep working hard so that you can make the cut.

This is also a great example of how hard work does pay. So many youngsters want to take the easy road to success. Not you. You paid your dues.