I'm a Dumbbell with Diabetes. Give Me a Lift!

Hello forumites.
I’m not a complete beginner but I am pretty damned ignorant, and I’ve found that finding informed advice in real life is not easy.
Tomorrow I’m going to go and get a new gym membership. I have belonged before but I made little progress, mostly because I didn’t know what I was aiming for.

So if anyone here can offer some practical advice I’d appreciate it. Did try searching but since i don’t know what it is I need I didn’t find it.

I’m 26, 6’3, weigh 14 stone (195 pounds I think?), none of it good. I’m skinny-fat with really narrow arms/ shoulders and I’m getting pretty fat in the butt thighs and belly. I’m also diabetic and have been for four years. More on that in a minute
This time I’m going back to gym for keeps and I plan to get fit and fighting lean. So what i want to do is straightforward enough even if badly formulated.

First, lose the weight around my waist and legs.
Second start gaining muscle mass (arms, chest, back)
Improve my blood glucose management and my insulin consumption
Improve what i eat and how much.

I know little about any of these, since when i went to my last gym, I did it to keep my blood glucose under control and deal with a sedentary working day. I’ve hardly done any lifting as a result. What’s a plan for a beginner to adopt for strength? Not just exercises but what weights, frequencies, reps?

Diet I know something about but not eating for bodybuiling since my doctor doesn’t know a great deal about lifting either. I’m keeping a meal log for the coming week, but I know what i eat now isn’t much good. I work late shifts in a hotel and like most of my coworkers I survive mostly on coffee and bread throughout the day and whatever else is there after finishing.

I want to work on keeping my blood glucose as stable as i can.

I’ll probably think of other things as they arise, but this is probably the most important.

Please help, this would make a big difference to me.

Here’s something to express my gratitude in advance.
I’ll try post a picture of myself if relevant so people can advise me

Direct your attention to your carbohydrate intake. Pack healthy meals and avoid being influenced to repeat the old habits.

Assuming your carb intake is out the roof it may not be wise or even feasible to go cold turkey.

I liked this article out of the many on this site. Seems simple for a start?

theres tons of resources on this site.

If you have trouble getting in real food during the day make it at home and bring it to work.
for weights and frequency hit each muscle atleast once a week. since you’re a beginner you could probably just do 3 sets of 5 reps of a certain weight (make sure you warm up before you get to the 3x5) and increase the weight 5lbs a week. Once this linear progress stops you should cycle through different rep ranges and weights (look at 5/3/1)
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