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I'm a Daddy

Although I am fairly new to the T-Mag nation, I was excited to tell my fellow T-maggers that I am now a Daddy!! My Daughter Jade was born on the 9th. What an experience! This far outshines ANY competiton that I have ever won. I look forward to the challenges, and to teaching her how to Bench Press. This is my Wife’s and I’s first child, and boy are we tired…But very happy!

Congrats! Your life will now change 100%. Enjoy every minute of it. You will now mark events in your life by your child’s experiences instead of your own. It’s a great feeling. And just when you think you got it down right…you’ll probably have another!

Be sure to read ‘Testosterone Sucking Demons’ by Chris Shugart at T-mag. It’s a funny look at fatherhood for the t-man. Congrats!!!

Congradulations!!! It is the most amazing thing to happen in anybody’s life. My daughter just turned ten months, and you can tell she is going to give me many sleepless nights in the future, but I enjoy every moment right now. Every day gets better and better. I wish you and you family good health and happyness.

My kid has been doing regular push-ups and the butt-thrust, but now she is moving on to heavy squats. I am thinking of putting some anadrol in her breast milk...you know to give her a leg up. Next week I am starting her on beer.

Also read “Parenting the T way”.

I wish you the very best in wisdom and patience. I am a father also, and every day I hope to be a better father than 99% of the ones that I see. You’re now twice as responsible for people’s happiness (yours and Jade’s), so don’t shirk your responsibility.

Oh, and it sounds like Jade will ALWAYS be able to win the “My dad can beat up your dad” contests!

Congratulations!! My wife and I just had our first boy seven weeks ago (delivered two weeks early and still weighed in at ten pounds nine ounces!) so I know what you are talking about. What a rush!! Best wishes!

Congratultions Power Lifter!

Thanks all, for the great advice, and the kind words.

Congratulations! As you are learning (and will continue to learn), you see the world through different eyes when you become a parent. Not in the sense that it’s all rosy, but things that didn’t mean jack before now are very important to you - and the things that used to be your life are no more.

Also, please remember your wife at this time. Don’t take this wrong, but sometimes the rush and demand of parenthood can distract people from eachother. Please remember she needs emotional support and many, many confirmations of her value to you in ways beyond her role in parenting or maintanence of the household. This is one hell of an emotional time for her (more so than for you -hormones are a bitch) and you probably could not overdo loving on her.

Congrats! The fun in life is just beginning. As a father of 5, the most important advise I can give is to remember that you and your wife are still a couple, and will need couple time. Take time every few weeks, let grandma and grandpa have time with the little angel and the two of you have a few hours of well deserved couple time. It took us 13 years and almost divorce court to figure out that we were spending all of our energies working and taking care of the kids, and none on keeping our relationship growing. After figuring it out, we make sure we go out at least once a month as a couple, and our relationship is better than ever.

Good luck and have fun

Welcome to the club. I like the name you chose for you daughter. Before you know it your little girl will be walking & talking. My 16 month old son is so much fun now. In fact, he now can do a set of 3 pull-ups on the shower curtain pole.

Congratulations powerlifter,
Nice to see people so pumped about their kids. I have three daughters,my youngest I have doing tempo controlled negative squats and good mornings (bw only) pull-ups. I also hold her by the waist for balance and proprioception training 8) Must be the renegade in me Peace, Tmofa