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I'm a Better Squatter Without a Belt


That’s why we tie off at the top! Change the angle, change the depth, white lights!


Yeah make the knee taller haha. Learned how to do this the other day


Once had Rich Peters with NASA tell me that one of the things he looks at is the bottom of the weight belt if it is below the knee


That sounds like he doesn’t know how to judge depth. I wear my belt slightly under the front of my ribs, the bottom of the belt at the front is around the level of my navel. That would mean that I have to squat about 6 inches below parallel (maybe more to reach depth by his standards.


No he knew what he was talking about and I said one of the things most people wear their belts where the bottom of the belt is at the hip joint note I said most not all

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Maybe the belt on your pants. I have never seen anyone wear a powerlifting belt around their hip bones. Judging depth like that just doesn’t make sense, you would be looking at a spot several inches ahead of where you actually should be looking and for anyone who has big quads the top of the quad would have to go below the knee. That is just wrong, and that’s why no rulebooks say that.


I didn’t say over hip bone bottom of belt at hip joint


Yes, just pointing out that it is one way that parallel is defined.


Powerlifting to win is not a federation.

USPA rulebook: " the lifter must bend the knees and lower the body until the top surface of the legs at the hip joint is lower than the top of the knees. "

Where the bottom of the belt is isn’t relevant. I don’t know who this guy is that told you he judges like that but it sounds like he either doesn’t know what he’s doing or is too lazy to judge properly. If you are judging by criteria other than what is the official criteria according to the rules then you are not judging correctly.


Pls teach me your secret ways


Simple, when wrapping, if you do the tie off method or the pig tail method, simply work to make sure when you tight the knot our leave out the pig tail it’s at the top of the knee.

The knot or extra material can throw off perspective slightly. Also go really fucking fast, lol. Don’t pause it or go like some of us geared guys and take forever so they can watch the millimeters on the way down


I’m just starting to squat in wraps, so def gonna use these tricks. I’ve seen videos where they start tying from below the knee, but I also seen the Westside videos they tie starting from the quad to get that top knee-tie.

My wraps are 2.5m so I’ll see how much taller I can get my knees too look. Hopefully I can load up enough weight to bend my knees with elite fts heavys


I started going a little lower, You can’t really see my hips that well due to where the squat rack is, my joggers move when I squat and I think my belt needs to be a little tighter so I got 130kgx8, Hamstrings are a lot better now I’m hoping to build my strength back up quick.

Also it might look like my glutes are tucking under but it is my pants lol not that I like to wear them around my ass


I can’t actually see where your hip crease is but it appears you are right on the borderline for depth. Another inch or two to go.

Work on bracing. It’s hard to tell if your lower back is actually going into flexion but there looks to be too much movement in that area.


@chris_ottawa took a narrower stance, Bar a little higher to stop me leaning foward, took the weight down to do a 1 second pause, may have rushed it as that is just 1/5 of the reps but much better, last time my butt kept rolling back prominently and going up before anything else

I also started a mobility routine on my off days by omarlsuf.

If anyone knows some good lower/upper dynamic then static warmup routines for powerlifting point me in that direction and I’ll do it as there seems to be a lot of mixed information about some routines one camp will say positive things one will say negayive things.



Generally speaking you warm up for squats by squatting, you warm up for bench by benching.

If you have a specific problem that should be addressed through accessory work and prehab/rehab work done post lifting.

I do some body tempering pre squats/deadlifts mainly on my inner adductors to reduce strain, 2-3 minutes per side. I do 3-5 minutes of RPR and then I’m under the bar.

For you specifically I’d push your hips back a little further before you start the squat. You’re going well below depth but at the cost of driving your knees so far forward that your heels come up.

Depth is solid, just need to improve how you get to depth.


Every time I see someone talking about a belt it just reminds me of this video:

For warming up I really like this routine for squats. I know it’s for Olympic weightlifting but it REALLY opens up all the muscles for squatting. Some broad jumps will really get you fired up as well!

As for your squat the only thing I personally really see is when you come back up, your hip pops up first slightly which pushes your chest down and you have to recover. I would really try using your glutes and quads to push you back up. Do you do pause squats? Those really helped me have a strong bottom position and the ability to pop right back up without having my chest fall forward.

But I squat high bar, so maybe that’s not the proper queue for you. I’m sure the more experienced members can here can help you out!

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Thank you and yes I have done them and will try get a longer pause.

Also RIP sad death.

I noticed this but I think it is due to my footwear they are just casual trainers probably better for playing football/soccer in the street, I should probably wear something flatter.

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Yeah I was about to say about your heels coming up too. I think it’s a combination that the heels are kinda worn, so less surface area, but also poor rooting since your toes look like they’re off the ground in the beginning.

The rounding could also be bad bracing still, maybe head position? Why not try to do some front squat or high bar as accessory to find that upright position?

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The biggest problem that I see is that you are trying to go way too deep, this is causing your heels to lose contact with the floor and your lower back is rounding, slightly but enough for it to be a concern. Work on bracing, hip mobility, and ankle mobility, and stop squatting too deep. You are several inches deeper than you need to go, and fixing that alone will keep heels on the floor and stop your back from rounding. Regardless of what some idiots say on youtube, the objective of powerlifting is to lift as much weight as possible, not squat as deep as possible.

Unless you have mobility issues, you shouldn’t need to do anything before squatting. Just start with an empty bar. Maybe do some glute bridges.

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