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I'm a Better Squatter Without a Belt


Yeah I’m trying some PNF stretching at the moment hoping it will help


Altered belt tightness, been doing a lot of PNF Stretching at home, Salt Baths and having my girlfriend give me a deep tissue massage, I also started doing dynamic stretches at the start of my workout and loosened my belt and now I can squat with my belt :smiley: I only did 140kg for 6 but I had the same problem last time and my strength came back very fast.

Had to make it to a GIF as my instagram cut the bottom of the squat out so you could nlt see it was parallel.

Also will clavicle lengthening surgery help my squat :wink: ?


I’d put the bar a little further down your back if you’re going to squat with that style. I think it will allow you to maintain better posture.


Cheers I didn’t actually spot that thought I was doing low bar as I usually do I guess I was too focused on my depth


I don’t know how wide your squat rack is but that’s one wide stance man. Have you seen what happens when you bring your feet it?


Yeah I feel that I have to stand wide it worked well for me, It might emphasize it more as I slide my knees sorta outward than directly foward


Looks a little high to me, and that could be because its so wide.

If you’re already doing sumo, why not just use a narrower squat stance?


Just never worked that well for me a wider stance for me personally seemed better as I used to have a narrower stance


I was thinking the same thing, he’s not below parallel. For most people a narrower stance will make it easier to reach depth.


It’s not that far off depth. Bit more and your there.


I would have thought that was depth, that was a vid of me fixing my squat, my hamstrimgs touch my calves in that gif, if you mean paralell on the top of my quad that is because it bulges, I think my legs are the best thing on my body.


That’s not powerlifting legal depth, if that is what you mean by depth. The hip crease needs to be at least parallel to the top of the knee joint, but typically it needs to be below that.




For reference:

Looks like parallel = top of knee aligned with hip crease
Powerlifting depth (in most orgs) - top of knee higher than hip crease
IPF = top of kneeCAP higher than hip crease


Wondered what you were all talking about I looked it up and saw that pic so I’ll work on going lower thanks guys.


I don’t think the picture of “parallel” is parallel. The line drawn on the picture isn’t parallel with the floor or rack.


Yeah it looks questionable to me too. best image I could find though


I think that’s why it’s in quotes. It’s the depth people talk about when they say parallel, mainly because that word itself is pretty meaningless.


Best part is picture 2 dudes knees are so far forward, then in 3 they are coming back because his lower back is about to tuck under and show his penis to his face.


The femur is parallel. Look at the knee to the center of hip. Ignore the bulging quad.


That’s not how you judge depth. Every federation’s rulebook that I have seen says the same thing: top of the thigh at the hip joint must descend below the top of the knee. Nowhere does it say “parallel”, but in this context it would mean that the top of the thigh at the hip joint is at the same level as the top of the knee.

Also, another mistake with the picture is that they seem to be looking at the top of the knee cap rather than the actual top of the knee. Most lifters in a meet will be wearing sleeves or wraps so even if it was the knee cap they are going for, they would have to guess where it is. But the first one is still above parallel.