Im a beginner that needs help

HI, well, to start off… I am new to this, and tired of being the skinny guy in the crowd, im 17 and my weight is at 130lbs at 5’10 tall…

What should I do to gain weight, and what workouts shuold I start off with?

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I can relate with the being the skinny guy. The psychological effect is much the same as someone who is overweight. I was 132lbs when I was 17. I weigh 192 at around 11% bodyfat now (Tanita tested.) Like someone has already posted, you have some learning to do. This website is a great source of knowledge, bookmark it, start at issue one and READ. Knowledge is power. Good luck.

I was in your shoes a year ago (same height and bodyweight). I’m an inch taller this year, and since I discovered T-mag in March, I’ve gone from 139 to about 148. You really have to focus on your diet. What worked really well for me was the Growth Surge Project. The second part forces you two diet well, and the lessons you learn there you take with you in your future quest for size and strength. Refuse to weigh in everyday, weigh yourself once every week. This places more focus on eating well (you’ll be more focused on having a better weigh-in instead of your current weight). Approaching training in terms of weeks or months is better than thinking of how much you’ll weigh in two days.

Ok rookie, so ya wanna get into the big leagues huh? By your stats you have lots of room to grow and since your only 17, you are or will be a walking testosterone hormone. This is a great time to take advantage of your situation. Hit the weights moderately and eat up. Eat CLEAN!! That means no shit food. If it has a drive thru, then stay away. There are plenty of diets for you to try, I would suggest one that allows for your Testosterone levels to stay up. Also take a multi-vitamin. Remember, you are at the growing stages of your life so just take care of your body and you will be the one droppin’ bucket on your classmates

eating big, and training big is the way to get big. you need to lift heavy with the most basic exercises. ie. bench presses, squats, rows, chins etc. you need to eat at least a gram per lb. of protein. and consume an ample amount of calories. if you are skinny and trying to bulk up, eating clean will only slow the process. it is an overused axiom in bodybuuilding circles. if you are dieting or trying to maintain then yes you need to eat clean. if you are a hardgainer and need to add mass eating clean at all times will not work for you. you will not be able to consume sufficiet calories from clean foods such as chicken and oatmeal. you would have to stuff your face like a pig. clean foods are digested rapidly. and are not gonna put mass on your physique.

Even though their information contrasts slightly, both Sebbastian and p-dog make very good points. It’s probably better to make sure that you do get plenty of clean sources of food, but considering your age and weight, adding in a lot of crap won’t hurt either. When I was 17, I ate “well”, or what I thought was well. I was an idiot. I was missing so much in my diet. I then was told to eat. Just eat. And I did. I discovered the wonderful world of fast food. Don’t get me wrong, fast food is straight from the devil, but so are fitness models, as they are sent here to tempt you, so there could be some uses for it. For four months, on a fast food diet, I added 5 pounds a month and competed (successfully) in a bodybuilding competition at the end of the four months with only dieting for 10 days. Knowing more and adding more “clean” sources of food to my diet would most likely have furthered my gains, but for right now, learn how to eat. Get what you need from clean sources, but don’t be afraid of double cheeseburgers. You may as well enjoy them at your age.

You should not waste youre time eating clean.At 17 and around 130 +lbs i assume that u burn calories for fun so the best u can do is like what the other guys said gobble down 1 g of protein per lb of bodyweight and definitely read and read some more.Also u should concentrate on the large muscle groups the rest shold take care of itself do benchpresses squats deadlifts t bar rows to pack on mass and make sure u get the right form and all because being a beginner you d have the uncanny ability to pack on mass eating crap and using lousy form so avoid these and GROW.

This game of “physical fitness” is a game of habits. HABITS determine who you are and who you’re becoming. I am against stuffing your face with crap just because you can do it and still not get fat. The fact is that doing so is a horrible habit and won’t be easily broken. I was a skinny kid also, exactly ten years older than you and I have managed to gain 80 lbs staying the same height. If you stay very conscious of your habits things will be easier. For example FOOD LOG. You will taylor your diet much more efficiently if you learn to keep a food log. Same goes for a training log. These two things will show you how far you have to go as well as how far you have come. You must learn to rely on your passion for improving yourself.

I agree with Dark Renegade. There is no point in starting a bad habit of eating crap. You might as well get used to eating the good stuff early on, if you want to have longevity with your physique. Otherwise, you run the risk of doing that crash dieting crap for the summer, and then ballooning up during the winter. With some discipline, you can look good all year around. Even if you put on 10 lbs during the winter. Its still better than putting on 40-50 lbs and then trying to get it off for the next upcoming summer.