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I'm a Barbie Girl!



I have a daughter.

She’ll be six next week.

I downloaded that song for her last year, and she loves it, loves to dance around the living room and act like a typical 5 or 6 year old ltitle girl whos all into Barbie, etc.

It’s cute when a five yr old lip-syncs to Aqua.

It’s sick sad and pathetic when anyone else does.

Just had to say that.

Well, I guesss I’ll be the one to say it. That’s was almost the worst thing I’ve seen in a while. I highly DO NOT recommend even checking this out.

Seriously. What possesses people to do this shit? Do people just wake up in the morning and wonder how they can make a total ass of themselves?

HAhaha…thanks for that.

At least they’re not out doing drugs.

No, wait, they probably are, aren’t they…

[quote]Miserere wrote:
At least they’re not out doing drugs.[/quote]

At least they are not posting on these boards asking for cutting advice.

It’s times like these that I am grateful for my 56K modem and its glacially slow download speeds. I don’t even consider trying to open up the file.

This is funny as hell but also very disturbing.

It would be better if someone came up behind them with a baseball bat, then starting beating them to the tune of that song.

Holy. Mother. Of. God.

What I don’t get is that it never seems to occur to anyone who does these videos that lots and lots people will end up seeing it. Can you imagine these two kids walking around their high school once word got out? They’re going to spend the next few years stuffed in lockers… and that’s a best case scenario.

I used to have wonderful memories of that song. They have now been shattered and replaced with horror.