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I'm A Baker!


I got a job at Cosi as a barista two weeks ago. It's an alright job, I guess, but it sucks cleaning shit and talking to customers is boring. During slow times, I'd go over to the baker station and the dudes would teach me how to cook some stuff.

We have this huge open stone oven and we make our own bread and stuff; it's pretty cool. I got to cooking the bread and I really liked it. I got good at it and the manager made me the morning baker now.

I have to be at work at 7, but it's cool. I make the dough, make rustic and whole grain bread, make bagels, make the breads, cut it up how it needs to be, and hand it over to the sandwich people. I make a bunch of other stuff, too, but we're known for out bread. I like doing it and I don't have to deal with people or cleaning shit. And bakers get paid more than baristas.

..Just though I'd share.2w


We always knew you were a dough boy.


Gratz man, sounds good. Get any free food perks?


At least you’re making some dough (BWah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha… sorry)



nice job, you are lucky … i want to learn how to bake :slight_smile:

i assume you do weightlifting - if possible (depends on work situation), you could bake yourself a chocolate cake or other stuffs, and use WPC or increase the amount of egg whites - just to have higher protein content in the end product.

i got the recipe for this chocolate cake but i don’t know how to bake.

fyi last month usdec (dairy export council) came to jakarta to promote usage of us whey in bakery - and we received a lot of info about whey products and sample applications.


Look! I’m riding a dolphin!!!


great! just don’t sample too much :wink:


now you can get you Animal on!


[quote]polo77j wrote:
Look! I’m riding a dolphin!!![/quote]

That dolphin looks way too happy.


[quote]orion wrote:
polo77j wrote:
Look! I’m riding a dolphin!!!

That dolphin looks way too happy.


dolphins and humans: having sex for fun since the dawn of time…