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I'm 42, Trying to Reshape


Hello abut about me. I am 42 I was most of my life morbidly obese my heaviest was 465lbs now I’m 295 30% body fat. I’ve been training single muscle groups, it’s time to grow for real. I need help I really don’t know much, I go by videos and or coworkers and friends advices. I’ve DDD also arthritis on my hip, I’ve got surgery to try to clean the bone and make it easy on the movements it helped a lot but I still have a little pain nothing too bad, I’ve been experiencing pain on my right hand exactly on my middle finger to the center of the hand. I can go to the gym 5 6 days a week. Also I’m on keto diet. Thanks in advance… (I want to apologize because my English. It’s not my first language) :slightly_smiling_face:


I forgot to add pictures



Isnt this your second thread on this topic? Or is this like a log?


I started one for 531 it really interests me


Nice work on the weight loss and taking steps to improve you health.


Thanks! It’s hard but well worth it.


All right y’all. I’m still kicking around.
Currently I’m 275 lbs
Deadlift max 425 lbs
Squat max 425lbs.
Lost 10 lbs my muscles are looking better, and my skin is getting uglier.
Just got my blood work. And I’m in the best shape of my life! I feel strong, more confident. And finally I’m feeling like an alpha.