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I'm 31, Do I Have to Wait?

Well am i allowed to post? I feel older than i am hehe =D

[quote]diddymandan wrote:
Well am i allowed to post? I feel older than i am hehe =D[/quote]

Well go ahead then. If you get flamed, you’re on your own.

You read read the messages here, but please no messags about…

  1. Bulking up to make the football team
  2. How to eat appropriately on your school’s meal plan
  3. You’re worried because you failed to get it up for your girlfriend for the third time in one night.
  4. You got hurt while showing off to your friends.
  5. You want to do steroids, but you’re afraid you’ll get gyno and your parents will find out.

Well, I see you have two options.

  1. Post on the other threads that are not designed for those over 35.

  2. Use this thread to get information about your “aging” body.

I would recommend you start by researching the numerous articles. They are far more helpful than the threads (not to say the threads are not useful). I am getting a stack of articles I have printed that is a few inches thick at this point.

Just a word of encouragement. I have found that my body really is not much different now than 20 years ago (when I was a teenager). In fact I am in some ways stronger now than I was then. What really ages one is improper diet, lack of activity, and improper rest. If you get these three in order you should find that you feel better than when you were a teen.

Don’t allow yourself to get old when you are still young. There is a fellow on here that goes by the name Old Navy. He is in his 60’s and competes in bodybuilding competitions. Do a search and check out some of his insights into working out and staying young.

It’s the mileage more than the years. And more than the mileage it’s the terrain. I’m 36 but have been working heavy labor, military service, fire fighting(wildland), crazy ass trail running/hiking, doing martial arts and lifting for twenty some years.

I’ve got arthritis, multiple herniated discs, recovering from a multitude of nerve impingement symptoms, severe adrenal fatigue/overtraining syndrome and can only get ONE workout a WEEK in IF I get a two hour massage afterwards, take my Flameout religiously and use multiple Rx’s.

If you are similar, then welcome! We can’t all be clean limbed rubber people forever. Sooner or later we all have to come to the realization that we are fighting a rear guard action against inevitable decay and death.

You wanna be an old fart early? Go ahead, join the club.

What I often see is people start getting fat in their mid 20’s, then by their mid 30’s, they are either slimmed back down, and sometimes looking better then in their mid 20’s, or they go in the opposite direction and just get old and fat.

Welcome to the club. Now get your AARP card.