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I'm 16, And My Deadlift Sucks


I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but maybe some of you guys do lol just asking for opinions. If nobody thinks it’s a bad ideal I’ll sign up in the next few days.

I think it is, I’m maxing it out in about a week and a half so I guess that’s the best way to find out


If I was invited to do a meet on any given weekend, and I was healthy and had the time for it, I’d probably be willing to do it. For big meets that really mean something, peaking is always a good idea. But outside of that, I wouldn’t worry about where you are in terms of strength. If you wanna do it, do it. You’re prepared enough to do a meet this Saturday if you want. Don’t exaggerate the importance of any given competition, unless it’s like a national or world championship. Last fall, I decided to do Texas Strongest Man 2 weeks before the event. I ran through each event once in training 2 weeks out, and I was good to go. You don’t need to feel like you have to put up world-beating numbers every time you step on the platform. You don’t even have to hit PR’s. Just compete for the sake of competing, do your best and enjoy the experience.

As to when you should try some 10 rep sets: whenever you’re mentally up to the task. You can add it on to, or replace one of your upcoming deadlift workouts with it if you want to do it soon. Keep the big picture in mind. While I think it’s worth including these regularly, the main point here wasn’t that. It was to do it once or twice for the sake of improving your ability to deadlift, immediately. It’s to help you with your mental game. There’s no reason to postpone it. Fuck, you could do it this afternoon if you want, lol. Flexibility is a good thing. You’re young, and learning should trump everything right now.


Seeing as you are approaching the end of your current program I would just finish with that as planned and then focus on the meet prep. @flipcollar makes some valid points about how the high rep deadlifts could help, with that in mind you could do something like a top set of 5 and then take 15% or so off the bar and do an AMRAP set or two for the first couple weeks. It’s not so much that the high reps are detrimental in some way unless you are actually in the last few weeks before the meet but rather that the main focus should be on heavier lifts at this point.


Transfer your weight quicklt from front to back of feet. It’s basically what it says, jump into the pull.


Im assuming your Knowledge of 5/3/1 was gleamed from what you could find online?


Yes, mostly, I also bought the 5/3/1 for powerlifting book, however


Not sure if I should start a new thread for this, but I need to make a plan for meet prep (I probably should make a new thread right? so I can talk more in depth about all my goals not just making my deadlift less shit relative to my squat lol). Currently I’m thinking finish my current program, deload, 3 weeks of idk yet, then the Candito 6 week program again. I’d be happy to try something else though, but I figure if I like my results from Candito’s program I could do it again.

I could fit the 10 rep deadlifts in the 3 unplanned weeks after I finish my program because I have one programmed workout left (325lbs for 1-4 reps) and then I’m maxing out


Sure, why not.

I suppose that could work. Normally, you wouldn’t want to peak and test maxes so often but you are young so you can probably get away with it. Just wait and see what results you get after the coming test and decide from there.


To be honest I would say that was one of the weaker books he wrote. Imo as much as I hate to say this but to get a true feel for the whole thing a person almost has to get his last two books.


@noahripstein having read all three, I agree with @bulldog9899 . The Original book definitely offers a lot of reasoning into why Jim’s system works and how you have to run it in order to make it work (he talks a lot about the mental side of training). Basically, he recommends leaving some PRs in the tank (for example, if you beat your old rep PR with a weight by 1 rep but you know you had another rep in you, you should leave the set there and save it for another day). I never, ever did this and still made progress, so interpret that information as you wish.


It looked like @liftangryordie500 was agreeing with your post, unless I’m misunderstanding it.


Yeah I might be taking something the wrong way and was reading more into it.


Yeah, I was agreeing with what you had to say based on my experience both with the program and with reading three of his books (not including Forever here because Forever is basically a book chock full of templates).


Yeah that’s why I deleted my post because my comment was unwarranted.


Start a training log.


I decided to start a new thread for my comp. I’ll update it w vids and training updates if possible, but I probably wouldn’t be consistent enough for a training log (yet). Also idk how interesting my log would be because I’m a teenager following a pretty standard programming. Maybe one day if people are interested


Has he written other books besides the 4 on his website?


One was a max effort e book he wrote for Elitefts and another if memory serves. Don’t believe they are still available but I could be wrong.


Long legs and you still have to fill out your frame quite a bit.

As you put some mass on, your back will be better able to support the weight. It will come, dont rush your progress


Correction the two e books are available along with 531 for football on the elitfts site