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I'm 16, And My Deadlift Sucks


just commenting to follow the thread. interested in seeing the deadlift. I’m assuming the issue isn’t grip, otherwise I don’t think you’d really be asking the question, lol.

Where do you fail on the deadlift? Is it breaking the ground, at/just below the knees, or at lockout? Conventional or sumo?

EDIT: oh and that’s a really good squat for your age and size. I sure as shit couldn’t do that at your age.


Probably form or lacking back strength. Whens deadlift video coming?


I fail around the knees I think, but normally the whole rep just feels hard lol. I think I failed one deadlift at the knees ever, and failed 2 without budging them off the ground. Also thank you about my squat.

Should be up by Thursday


The Candito program isn’t terrible but it’s not really something to use for the long term since it has you testing maxes at the end each time. Like @bulldog9899 said, you probably could have made some changes to your 5/3/1 setup and got your bench moving again. Regardless, you need an approach that will get your long term progress.

That seems odd since you have a good squat, I would expect you would have good leg drive. Deficit deadlifts would probably help.


I"m thinking either setup position, or effort could be an issue. Some people just have a mental block trying to initiate a heavy pull, from what I’ve observed, since there’s no eccentric portion to feel the load.


Wow I never thought about it like that that’s really interesting. I hope it’s something that simple, but I doubt it is because I was so hyped up when I missed 350


it still could be. Even if you apply maximal effort at first, you may be giving up on the lift too quickly. So if the bar doesn’t just fly up for you, you could be losing tightness, concentration, etc.

Do you wear a belt to deadlift?


Yeah. This might sound weird, but I’m not sure how much of me going from 500-something to 600-something on the deadlift was getting stronger versus just learning how to grind out harder and harder lifts. I almost never actually failed a lift, but every time I’ve hit a new max, it feels like I unlocked some new level of learning how to start pulling and just keep freaking pulling until the weight locks out. I definitely think increasing the max DL is part “getting stronger” and part “learning how to grind it out.”


When I do anything 365 and higher even for reps the initial first pull is always the hardest and feels impossible to get off the ground. You just have to give it everything you got to make the bar move.


Yes I do


I ended up deadlifting today because I had a spare last period I forgot about. Program called for this 305x3 and 320x1-2(I got 2) after squatting 335x3 and 345x1-2(also got 2). I included warmups in case that helps in any way. I did a set of 5 with 135 and forgot to record so I recorded a single. Weights in order are

I should mention I felt my heels come off the ground on a rep or two of the 305 set. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I set up with my feet a bit farther back on my 320 set and didn’t have the same issue


I think it’s in your head. Form and speed look good at 320. No reason you can’t pull 4 plates unless your grip just gives out or something.
I’m built similar to you and found that close stance squats drive my deadlift though on a side note.


Note on the mind game. Have a buddy load the bar and make a point not to pay attention to the plates. Just step up to the bar and rip the shit out of it.


Looks fine. Do you always deadlift after heavy squats? That could be part of the problem. Yes, in a meet you will deadlift after squatting, but benching in between lets your legs get a break and even in a fast-paced meet you will have at least an hour and a half between squat and DL. Either deadlifting on a separate day with no squatting, squatting after deadlifting (which is not my favorite but it can work), or some light squats before pulling might be a better way to go.


I think it looks good. I didn’t notice anything wrong with your feet, but if you’re concerned you should prolly do a few rooting drills:

Tried to pull up the “x band drill” but cant find it


Personally I don’t see much of a difference when I squat first or deadlift first. I use high frequency and after months of always squatting first when my programming called for a deadlift first day I thought I was going to crush it. Well it felt almost the same, and my front squat afterwards almost the same


It works for some people, not so well for others. If you are doing high frequency training then you are almost never fully recovered. If your deadlift is lagging behind your squat with no technical problems then not doing heavy squats immediately before pulling is a way of prioritizing the deadlift.


No. On 5/3/1, I did heavy squat, light deadlift one one day and heavy deadlift, light squat on the other. For almost all of the Candito program, there’s heavy squats then heavy deadlifts though


4 plates from 320x2? I’d love that but seems crazy to me. Maybe I’ll really try to get my head right and shoot big. I am maxing out in under 2 weeks

You did narrow stance squats as a deadlift accessory? Never even heard of it lol. I guess I heard abt George Leeman reccomeding deadlift stance box squats once but that’s it


Your deadlift looks great. Neutral spine, no flexion under heavy load, good lockout, good speed. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a 16 year old with 300+ dead’s and squats, with nowhere to go but up. Your only handicap is your impatience.