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I'm 16, And My Deadlift Sucks


Eyyyyyyy 5"8 club wohoooooo!
Your squat is relatively muchhh better than my deadlift, double bodyweight squat for reps is amazing!


I’m 31 and my deadlift sucks


I appreciate it bro


Are you going to post a video of your deadlift or what? All I can say is that either your deadlift technique is messed up or you are just naturally good at squatting.


You give me hope. I pulled 463 lbs about two years ago. Was not that bad getting to that point, but two years later I have only deadlifted 485 lbs in the gym.

Every meet something goes wrong with the deadlift. I am thinking I will get over 500 lbs at my meet in April. If I don’t drop the weight, get out of position, or something new I have not thought of.

I am not built for the deadlift (I hit my balls at the top), but think I can progress much further.

Here is to hoping!


how about a 330 front squat? ATG :slight_smile:


Are you referring to one of your sons? They’re bulldog’s sons, what else do we expect?



But in all seriousness… I hope the young man post his Dead video soon. I have several ideas what the issue might be but wont know for certain until than.

@noahripstein do you pull conventional or sumo?


Conventional, and I’m next deadlifting in a bit under a week lol. Mb I timed making this post poorly lol. Thanks


I got my squat workout recorded. Here it is.


Depth is borderline, whether it would pass depends on the federation and judges. For anything to do with the IPF you need about an inch and a half more. But if you squatted 365 like that in training that’s cool, strength is not the limiting factor, you just need a little bit more depth and you are good.

Edit: I commented after only watching the first set, depth looks fine on the 2nd set. Squat like that.


Noah, even your heaviest set looks easy, you can probably squat quite a bit more. What was the weight (last set on the 2 video) ?


The weight was 320x3, 325x3, 330x3. It felt like I could’ve done 2 more reps on my last set, but it would’ve been ugly, and I want to follow my program exactly as written. I did feel like I had a bit more in the tank when I squatted 365 (the weight my program is calculated off of) I think 375 was probably there, but I didn’t have a ton of confidence (especially in my walkout) because it was the first day I’d gone over 335. Side note, if I do the meet at the end of April, 402lbs would be a dream lol, maybe it’s more likely to happen than I thought. Also thank you


When will you be pulling next ?


Probably Wednesday, possibly Thursday


What program are you using?


I’m currently on the Candito 6 week program. I’m trying to do the workouts all on the right days, but if I hav too much homework I sometimes rearrange the workouts within the week


What happened with 5/3/1? Did you stall or just felt it was time for a change?


Bench stalled on 5/3/1, and I felt like it was time for a change after a few months. I’d be happy to return to it soon though. (Might not if I do the meet at the end of April, I don’t really know how I’d program for that. maybe the Candito 6 week program again if I get good results)


How was you running 531? Most who stall on it do not have a full grasp on it I found. Especially now that it has morphed into a approach and not a cookie cutter routine.