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I'm 16, And My Deadlift Sucks

Basically, my deadlift sucks relative to my squat. I’m only 16, so maybe my lack of experience is what’s causing this.
A few stats: my best squat is 365lbs, my best deadlift is 335lbs. I weigh around 155lbs.
Would a deadlift form video be helpful? Any ideas what could be causing this issue? weak back? bad brace? Thanks for any tips

Get a video of your squat and your deadlift. It’s possible your deadlift is less than your squat because you are squatting high.


Second what Pwnisher said. You may be squatting high. I could be completely wrong, but I would be surprised (and impressed) to see a 16 year old who weighs less than 180lbs squatting 365lbs to proper depth. Not saying I don’t believe you, but maybe it’s a little high.

I have a video below from a month or 2 ago of my squat form. I can try to get a video next time i squat and next time I deadlift. I’ll be sure to take a video of me maxing out my squat at the end of my program (I’m on week 3 of 6) to ensure depth.

Thank you. I hope it was to proper depth lol.

As a side note, I’m considering entering a comp in about 3 months, that way I’ll really be able to be honest about depth (and bench pause lengths)

Some dudes be incredible squatters through nature or nurture and their average deadlift seems to suck in comparison. Could also be great Squat leverages making for shitty deadlift leverages.

If both things are progressing maybe it’s ok and that’s just how things be. Formcheck can improve both though



Your video doesn’t work. Post another one and a deadlift video too.

Fixed the old squat one (I think) I’ll get one of one of me deadlifting and squatting at the next opportunity

It’s hard to judge depth from that angle but if it’s not below parallel then it’s close. Record directly from the side around waist level. We just need to see what your deadlift looks like. Maybe your deadlift doesn’t suck and you are just really good at squatting.

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“I’m 16 and my squat is awesome!”

Fixed the title for you.

Post your deadlift video, I’m sure people can help you, but you’re doing great for your weight, and especially for your age. Keep working hard and one day you can afford a camera that isn’t a potato.


Do you plan on entering a meet?

brb crying about my poverty deadlift :frowning:

We’re in the same boat.

Like the others are saying get a deadlift video up

Yeah dude…280 for 5 looked easy. Good stuff. Your deadlift is most likely limited by one weak point (grip, lats, etc.). Once you fix it…your pull will skyrocket.

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I think I’d like to, there’s one in 13 weeks not too far from me

Haha thank you!

I’ll update this in about a week with a deadlift video (hopefully I’ll find someone to film). I’ll be doing 305x3, 320x1-2 which is pretty challenging for me

The squat vid was on my friends phone I didn’t realize how trash the Camera was lmao I’ll use my phone next time

I’m no expert man, but that looked decent. Tons of time to improve. Really good for your age/size. Keep it up - you have a lot of potential.

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Im super jealous of your squat, im 16 like you weighing 180, just recently started deadlifting and squatting maybe 3 months ago. In those 3 months got my deadlift from 305 to 395 and squat from 225 to 275 with decent form. I have the same problem as you but my squat is the weak one. Your deadlift isnt bad and I would die to have your squat.
Btw how tall are you? Maybe if your shorter your leverages allow you to squat more than you deadlift.

My deadlift was pitiful from age 15 to…well it still sucks. I think I started with a 200lb max deadlift and a 200lb max bench.

Deadlift was stuck at 500 for years and to be honest, it was a brutal, long hard tumultuous road of grinding on the deadlift. Tons of injuries, tons of trial and error. It got stronger though. Pulled 675 at 220 which is great considering 600 was my LIFE goal only 4-5 years ago.

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I’m around 5”8, and damn I’m jelous of your 395 deadlift lol

Thank you, means a lot

As already metioned you need a better video angle.