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I'm 14 Years Old, Training to Compete


I just joined. I'm 14 and I was approached at the gym by a bodybuilding trainer about 5 months ago and I was asked by him if he could train me for the Mr. Louisiana in July. I know i may get flamed and talked down on, but i just want advice on any thing i can do to be better.

Here is a picture of me from last month


How did you look before photoshopping it?

You're so massive you make light bend around you near your right lat, left lat, left glute, right calf and last but not least right bicep. Your thighs and head are so dense they absorb the light and create an artificial shadow, and your mid back looks enhanced although sadly not by PED.

But look on the bright side. It'd make a decent avatar.

Welcome BTW. This site can help you build some real muscle.




That's what I looked like at 14. Just bigger.


I learn from the best.


first thoughts lol


thats just creepy looking.


This is not what I expected. YOu look insane for 14.


So Jay Cutler got hoezz AND is an expert at photoshop?

Jay Cutler = Renaissance man


Jay teaches how to photoshop? I think you should look for another teacher...I can suggest our own ID.


I like how the calf that's further away from the camera is even larger than the one really close to it. I gotta learn what exercise will get mine to do that.



Id take it easy on him he's just 14. Post up a real pic and your training, diet, and lifting numbers if you are serious???? Im not sure if you are at first I thought you were just doing it for the lulz but i dont know


Anyone notice the shadow from the head on the wall right next to it, as well as his right leg?

I was pumped at first, and then I was all like naww.


Just look at the edge of the floor tiles, next to the left side of his waist.


I just feel bad for the lady on the bike...with one normal leg and one deformed one!


I really am trained by an IFBB pro. He approached me in the gym and told me i'd turn heads if i got up on stage, and he would train me free if i got up on stage. I'll compete in the MR. Louisiana, the second weekend in JUly of 2011.


3am; 40g protein
90g carbs

5am: same as 3am

7am: 40g protein
100g carbs

12:30pm (since I am in school) what ever is for lunch at school.

3:30pm 40g protein
100g carbs

4:30pM: same as 3:30

5:30pm pre-workout
20g protein
170g carbs

7;00pm post workout
50g protein
100g carbs

8pm same as 3:30 meal

9pm same as 3:30

liquid aminos taken between every meal.

Squat: 330
Bench: 225

Deadlift: 315


I was beginning to believe...


Why are you getting up at 3am to eat? I can't imagine that at 14 years old that's healthy. A good night of rest is just as important for your development (both strength and natural body development) as anything else you're doing. Also, it's clear you've photoshopped that picture.


GTFO . go troll somewhere else.


so much lulz