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Ilya Ilin


I just really love how this guy lifts, one of my faves. Kazakhstan has been putting up some beastly lifters for awhile now.

Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world... Kazakhstaaan


Doesn't get much better then him imo. Very slick lifter.



I understand that he is an incredible lifter, but I really don't like the way his snatch goes up after the catch, it just looks ugly. I don't really have any rational reason for thinking this I just don't like how it looks.


What do you mean? How he squats up after he's received the bar?

Looks like any other lifter to me.



this video is sweet

to me, that is one good looking snatch.


That is some SERIOUS SPEED under the bar. SOOOOOOOOO fast it's unreal. I remember seeing that for the first time. I was like WTF?! Unreal speed, really straight arms also, and really strong back to stay over the bar like that!



@Koing: I actually think I am being unconsciously biased against him because of his guido-esque hair. I need to be less discriminatory. Or maybe he needs to be the one lifter with that haircut who brings up the reputation of the rest.


hahaha i thought i was being very restrained in not mentioning the hair!


That was awesome.


nice post, thanks!


No points for STYLE in OLifting :smiley:

That guy has a monster Snatch, so fast. Cleans are sharp as well, super quick Jerks also but looked like he hurt his elbow so that didn't help his cause! But 400+ @ 94 ig RIDICULOUS :smiley:



Vladimir Kuznetsov is another Kazakhistani that I find to be an absolute beast. I think he used to compete as a 77 but is now an 85.


both are great lifters but to me vladimir just doesn't have the flair that Ilya has. Ilya has to be one of my favorite lifter to watch


I really like how this guy lifts too. I actually watch that second video before snatch days to remind myself to get under the bar faster.

He should have a good battle with Alexandr Ivanov at the next olympics.


his speed is unreal. speed makes champions, anyone can get strong.

but yeah I also watch them for technique stuff before I lift. it's really great.


Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world... Kazakhstaaan


She's pretty quick, too.

And somehow she can get away with the make-up / dangly earrings / nailpolish deal. Sorta.


Kazakhstan the greatest country in the world,

All other countries are run by little girls,

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