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Remember those pictures that you used to stare at & try to see dolphins & dragons etc?
Well technology moves on & they have now started to create optical illusions that work on PCs.
Try this one …

You do have to concentrate.

Stare at the picture for several minutes and after a while you should be able to see a boat full of people in the background.

Give it time …

Weird but it works!

Hahaha was that ever clever.

death…by…humor !

I can’t get it to work. I stare for minutes on end but no boat emerges… just some wood.

5 stars all the way!!!

Hahaha, geniously funny


Ha Ha Ha Good one!!!

i hope she aint in Otago, she’ll freeze her tits off.
By the way the blues are gonna kick ass this year (well, no they wont, not untill troy flavel (GOD) starts walking again)

Whetu, you’re dreaming, the Blues might get into the semis if they’re lucky. Hell, they couldn’t even thrash the 'Canes pre-season

Flavell?? GOD?? Too selfish [though not as bad as Cribb, thank christ]. McCaw and Holah are far more likely candidates for deification.

As for our illusion, she has a fine pair of glutes, perfect for a driving maul.

That’s awesome! LOL!

After staring and staring way too long, the only image I saw was my boss staring over my shoulder at the screen. Bummer.

Think of the kittens…

No DocT you are wrong! I love kittens! you guys are getting too funny. laters pk

I told my girlfiend to throw away those kind of pics that I took of her. I new one day she’ll be a net girl… :0) just kidding guys…