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Illuminati: Fact or Fiction?


Do any of you believe in the Illuminati?


I would suggest you direct this question towards T-Nation's resident Alex Jones. He goes by the name of HeadHunter.

He's also an expert on sex toys, namely vibrators.



I do not believe they exist in the traditional sense , but I believe our would is controlled by money and those that have it.


They probably exist in a strictly historical sense, minus all the fiction that has been created to supplement the actual facts. Kinda like Jesus.


Very nice.


I also believe this to be true. I know it definitely is on the local level, so why would it change on a global level?


Locally we called that the Mob:)


No not at all like Jesus. Not even close. Try again forliar.


More like the myth of a socially function homosexual.

When you throw in jabs like that at people's completely unrelated personal beliefs it makes you look like an idiot. Just say'n.


Way to show that tolerance and understanding.

DADT was repealed and I agree that it should have been banned, but you need not shit on the belief system of some people around here.

Check nuts.


Okay, so I'm really interested to hear HH weigh in on this most cereal subject.


Can the world really be controlled?




You really should look into some help to get you past your irrational obsession. It's just downright creepy.


I believe you can sway something that is much larger than yourself


I don't know about the illuminati, but I don't see the purpose of gov'ts borrowing money, and being expected to pay interest with money that doesn't exist, impoverishing their nation in an attempt to do so.




Wait ...his obsession with Jesus or his obsession with cock? I'm confused.


So is he.


You know he lives in Dallas and I can pin point his location through various gay friends who I accept, guess the double standards are okay for the gays, huh. Forlife, hopefully you will be down in Oak Lawn this weekend my friend, such double standards you carry my friend.
And also he is a bottom.