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I was in the gym and someone brought this up. If you dont know what Illuminati is just look it up on youtube. It sounds crazy but it makes you think about how the government or someone controls things and puts out subliminal messages. Leave a comment and speak your mind.

It is believed that people who question Illuminati always come up missing or dead. Weird or is it just a coincidence. I never get caught up in conspiracys or crap like that but this is something that caught my attention. You tell me.


I know a guy who has "ILLUMINATI" tattooed in giant print across his belly. He's a total moron. That's all I got.


Lara Croft kicked the shit out of some Illuminati in Tomb Raider.


Secret societies run this country and this world.

Skulls and Bones
The Bohemian Group

I fully beleive in this shit.We are being lied to on a daily basis


Do you have access to a safehouse? Somewhere stocked with provisions and well secluded? Go. Now!


LOL at most of the responses...


I wouldn't sweat it unless you turned up both dead and missing. Then you have a cause for worry.



How the hell do you all have the time to have discussions about Illuminati in the gym? Those must be some long rest periods... :wink:


I don't know much about the existence of the Illuminati, but there is no doubt about the Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, or the Bilderberger Group. The Freemasons may be just some silly fraternal organization, but the Skull and Bones and the Bilderbergers are real threats.

The place you're thinking of in california is called Bohemia Grove. I've read a ton of stuff about that place that ranges from human sacrifice and devil worship to drunken debauchery and homosexual orgies. It does exist and there are photographs of Bush senior and Reagan there, but what really goes on is still a mystery.


The Illuminati are a relatively small group of individuals who meet at Davos, SZ or at the Bilderburg Meetings and decide policy. They tend to be highly educated and regard the masses like you and I might regard a huge herd of cattle. They regret earlier efforts by some of their ancestors to enlighten the masses and give them the vote and things like the Constitution.

They pretty much own 70% or more of the world and kind of use it as a playground or a chess board, for fun. They love pure power, to exert their will on the masses but especially on other Illuminati.

Right now, they are in the process of fucking over the Chinese (all in sport). They got the Chinese to buy huge amounts of short sells on gold, telling them they were going to drive down the price. Well, while they own a lot of gold, the gold is mostly paper gold sold on the COMEX and doesn't even exist! (Its a bubble.) So they decided to not drive down the price so as to get the Chi-comms by the shorthairs. They're having a good laugh!

Its all in good fun and next someone will fuck over some other group, like all the phony health care stuff. Health care will go down (on purpose) and they'll get to fuck over the middle class. But its all in good sport, for them anyway, so don't hate them too much.


It's real. They have got to be the most evil people on the planet.


No, not at all. They are simply people who refuse to have their lives governed by majority vote, especially when that majority is semi-literate and semi-numerate. They control governments for this quite simple and intelligent reason.

You must also understand that the morality of the Illuminati is not the altruistic hogwash taught in the churches and on the MSM. They do not regard unselfishness as a virtue. This DOES tend to make them appear hardhearted and cruel to the great unwashed. However, it is really just indifference...would you worry about the state of cattle frolicking about in some mud wallow?


Interesting. You're the first person who can articulate this well. I also know exactly what you're saying and have been following those groups for some time.

I especially like the "Ring of Power". That explains their formations of religions and their power base and such.

You;re exactly right about them not wanting to be ruled by stupid voters. They would NEVER allow the dumb masses to direct their destiny, lol. NEVER!

They've been building up China for a while now and im wondering when China will have it's economy roll back significantly. Their party should be at an end soon.


Isn't it the gays? Or was it that the Illuminati are using the gays to destroy society?


why don't you tell us, ARE they using you to destroy society?


That's an interesting take, but then why aren't the using their power and influence to establish a true capitalist system?


I farted.


there are many different factions of elites. they fight each other for control. the world wars and other various conflicts. if you look hard enough their finger prints can be seen. they are the true leaders of men.
you cannot fight what has always been there. they have hidden, arcane knowledge, that grants them immense power. they are many theories.

one is that, that they know the secret history and origins of man. two they posses ancient highly advanced technology. it could be both. there are rumors, that some or all of these elite factions. have made contact with the gods(aliens). and are being guided in part or controlled them. you will find that with a lot of these groups, there is intense interest in, preserving and maintaining their blood lines. they guide and control the masses. we don not have true freedom. it is an illusion.


For The Win


It sucks because I completly beleive this shit, Im middle class and Im fucked.