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Illinois T-People

hey how many of yall are living in illinois right now? just wanting to know…see if i dont have some guy living next door who i coulda used as a training partner without knowing it and all that.

I’m in central illinois, in Decatur

I currently reside in Bloomington…and I live in an apartment right behind Gold’s Gym.

Hi. I’m in Champaign.

Chicago. Dodging bullets in Humboldt Park, to be exact.



I was born and raised in Joliet, but now i’m in Arkansas.

I live in Chicago, East Roscoe Village to be more exact.

South Suburb of Chicago.

Im in Charleston goin to EIU


I live in Urbana. :slight_smile:

OMG! I USE to live in Peoria; what a weird town that is! I swear they inbreed there! There are some crazy a$$ people there! Avoid it @ all costs!!

I lived in “The Knolls”. My dad owned Springdale Cemetery & I could tell you guys/ladies some CRAZY shit that happened there.

So If your driving thru, don’t stop, keep on driving!!

You’ve been warned!

Live in Tremont, IL (20 minutes from Peoria).

I go to school in Rock Island, which is on the border of Iowa.

western 'burbs of chicago. Wheaton

I’m in Streamwood

I’m in Freeport, though school is in Dubuque IA. No one from the northwest aside from me, huh?

[quote]starkdog wrote:
I was born and raised in Joliet, but now i’m in Arkansas.[/quote]

Coal City here,about 20 minutes from Joliet.

Winfield (by Naperville), originally from near Peoria, town too small to name.