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Illinois T-cell

Everyone here seems to be located either East coast or West coast, at least that’s where any T-gatherings end up.

Is anyone around the central IL region? I live in Springfield, IL and I go to University of IL Urbana-Champaign.


I’ll arrive this fall, from Panam?, to study a MSCS.

See you.

I live in St. Louis, and Illinois is all of 6 miles from my place.

I live in Iowa, about an hour from the IL border…
In faith,

i just left c-u after graduating from u of i. now i’m up in naperville. chicago seems a logical location for a midwest t-cell gathering, possibly c-u. i dunno. peace.

Cool stuff. At least I know I’m not the only one around here who hasn’t heard of T-mag. Chicago or C-U as a meeting place sometime would be great. Maybe if more people around the midwest/IL would like to get together we can have a gathering.

I have family in Chicago, so I would definitely be down for that. In fact, some of my family is in Aurora, right next to Naperville. Plus I have family in Palatine.

Paul, what do you think about the university? I am considering it if I can’t go to Emory.

I have been a lurker for nearly two years, only posting a handful of times. Currently, I live in Madison, WI and work for and just graduated from the University of Wisconsin last spring.

I am trying to get a Chicago based T-cell going. If intrested go to Chicago T-cell thread.