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IlliniLifting94's Strength+BBing Log

Bench Press (Narrow Grip): 5x5 working up to a top set of 5
Incline DB Press: 3x8
DB Extensions: 3x8
Rope Pushdowns: 2x12-15 (light)

Bent Over Row: 5x5 working up to three top sets of 5
Pulldowns (Narrow Grip, Palms In): 3x8
V-Bar Rows: 3x8
Pulldowns (Wide Grip, Elbows Out): 3x10 (light)
Shrugs: 5x10-12
Face Pulls: 4x10

Seated Press: 3x5 straight weight, 2x8-10
Lateral Raises: 2x10
Straight Bar Curl: 5x10

Each week, before two of the three sessions, I include Front Squats: 5x5, and either GHR: 5x5 or Reverse Hypers: 5x10.

Each week, during one of the sessions, I include Weighted Situps: 5x6.

I start and finish every session with some type of mobility work and do rotator cuff exercises twice weekly. Also, if on any day where I’m doing any type of pressing, if I feel that my shoulders are rolling forward, I’ll do a few sets of Face Pulls or Reverse Flys in the 12-20 rep range.

I’ve been competing at Powerlifting meets for the past two years and under normal circumstances, I would include the Squat, Deadlift, and PL-specific assistance lifts in my training; however, I’ve been getting pretty bad pain in the lower part of my spine (where I’ve had a sprain before) along with occasional numbness in my legs so I’m not going to be doing lifts that apply a lot of shear force to that part of my back until I can get it checked out by a doctor.

I’m about 5’9" 158lbs at 15% bodyfat, previous best raw lifts are (S:390, B:245, D:550).

Goal is to reduce bodyfat slowly and continue gaining mass and strength on the lifts that I’m doing now.

Getting 135-190 g of protein daily and around 2300 Cal.

Supps: GreenMAG (as soon as it arrives, it should’ve been here today so I’m expecting it by tomorrow), Whey Protein, Multivitamin, and Glucosamine (I’m prone to elbow tendinitis and it helps).

First Log will be posted after my session tomorrow (Wednesday).