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Illgetthere's Training Log, Road to 6%

This will be my first time posting, I’ve been lurking for the past ten years. My stats are as follows 6’ 1 233 lbs. I am dieting right now and I’ve decided to make an online log of it. Hopefully to keep me motivated and to keep me on the right track. While dieting I’m doing a full body routine 3 days a week about an hour a workout. 3 days a week of hill sprints for 30 minutes a session, and 5 days a week of walking at 30 minutes a day. calories are at 2500/ day sometimes less if it’s not a lifting day. I’ll go into more detail later.

before pic

after 6 weeks pic

Friday Full body routine

am Walked 30 minutes around neighborhood before eating first meal.

Squat - warm up sets to 275, then 295 5x 5

Close grip pull ups bodyweight 5 sets of 7

dumbell standing overhead press- 5 sets of 7 with 70lb, have kind of bad shoulders
it’s hard for me to go to heavy on these.

I set these up in a circuit going from one to the other resting about 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets, then

Dips + 30lbs 5 sets of 8
Preacher curl on machine 1 45lb plate, 1 35lb plate, 5 sets of 8

Saturday workout

Hill sprints 30 minutes

walk around neighborhood 30 minutes

My typical daily diet is high protein low carb, moderate fat with lots of veggies.

meal 1

2 sccops protein powder in 2 cups water, 1 bannana 5 fish oil caps

meal 2

after workout, 2 sccops protein powder, 1/2 cup craisins

meal 3

7oz lean ground beef, with a handful of celery , put franks hot sauce all over the ground beef along with some mustard

meal 4
8oz chicken breast, 3 cups broccoli with olive oil drizzled on top

meal 5
same as meal 4 + 5 fishoil caps, and 2 multivitmans + 2 mineral vitamins

this week I’ve switched it up from full body to upper lower split monday Upper body, Tuesday lower body, Thursday upper, friday lower body.

My diet has been very consistent, I pretty much eat the same thing every day. 5 meals as follows

Meal 1

5 eggs, 1 cup brocoli, 5 fish oil capsules

Meal 2

2 scoops protein powder, 2 tbsp almond butter

meal 3

8oz chicken breast 1 cup veggies

meal 4

same as meal 2

meal 5 8oz chicken breast with 1 cup veggies

On my workout days I switch the almond butter with 1/2 cup raisins after my workouts

this weeks workouts

Monday Upper body

Bench- 8 set of 3 with 315, last set with 325

Rack pulls 8 sets of 3 with 365, My grip strength is really bad, I need to get some straps for these.

dips- 4x 13 bodyweight

Dumbell curls 45lb 5 sets of 8

triceps pressdowns 5 sets of 8 70lbs

Tuesday legs

squats 5 sets of 5 315lb

leg curls 140lb 4 sets of 9

back extension 4 sets of 8 bodyweight

lunges 110lb 4 sets of 8

thursday upper body

Dumbbell military press- 5 x 8 70lbs , have kind of a bad shoulder , I do these really slow

Pullups - 5 x 8 bodyweight

close grip bench press 5x 8 265

one arm dumbbell rows- 5x 6 100lbs

dumbbell curls - 5 x 8 45lbs

Friday legs

5 x 5 racks pulls 315 with 3 second squeeze at lock out

5 x 10 hack squat 2 , 45’s and a 25 on each side

5x 8 lunges barbell 110lbs

5 x 8 back extension , I usually do these a couple times a week as for some reason it really helps keep my back feeling good. I’ve had a lower back injury for 12 years, so it’s really important for me to keep my back healthy.