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Illegals and a Stolen Ranch

Anyone seen this?


Would be interested in reading opinions on this. Seems to me that these Ranch Rescue guys are over the top and are playing with fire by using the tactics they do. However, I fully support the minuteman project and we have to remember the illegals were tresspassing on a private ranch. If the government had been doing its job, the door would never have been opened for an incident like this.

And how the hell does someone in this country illegally sue for anything?

I’ve heard it all before but I can’t believe no one is commenting. Is it because the volunteers trying to stop ILLEGAL aliens from crossing into this country are written off as “racists”. This one has it all.
You have some guys who should be congratulated for putting their money where their mouth is and putting their ass on the line are made out to be villains. I don’t really care if they DID pistol whip some illegals and hold them “illegally”(that word apparently doesn’t carry much weight anymore). They are trying to do the job the government can’t or won’t and they give food and water to the desert-beaten illegals and as far as I know they aren’t killing them or doing anything really radical. A lot of them are just trying to protect their property, not even close the borders, just stop the damage the dirt bags out of the bunch have done to their private property.
You have the case of the politician abusing power because of personal politics. What that blog article didn’t say is that the guy was arrested and held in Arizona for the Texas wetback pistol-whipping case and he bonded out. He was then put back in jail again and let out again on the same bond, secured to appear in a Texas court. THEN he was arrested because of the warrant issued by the governor. I guess bond wasn’t good enough for them in such a heinous case involving hitting someone, giving cookies and owning a gun.
Then you have illegal immigrants somehow suing someone because they were mistreated. I’ve heard about that several times. Not mistreated by ICE officers in a detention center, mistreated by American Citizens trying to keep some law and order in their neighborhoods. The fact that some judge gave the ILLEGALS some guys ranch because they endured the horrors of being detained for an hour, being given milk and cookies, being given a blanket, and possibly but very improbably being hit with a gun, and left with post-traumatic stress because of it all is ludicrous. And then the guy who used to own the ranch gets to spend 5 years in prison for being a felon and owning a gun.
Finnally we have the shit-heal SPLC and their ringmaster Morris Dees-nuts. The dorsally dry challenged individuals sure got the best. Of course since they thought the Ranch Rescue guys were “soldiers” I’m thinking some good hearted liberals helped them see how they had been mistreated and steered them to the SPLC so they could do what they do best. Get themselves and others money they don’t deserve.