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Illegal to Manufacture Ephedrine?

Does anyone know whether it is legal to manufacture ephedrine for personal use?

Due to its use in the synthesis of crystal meth, i would say, no. That would show “intent” and you could end up loosing everything from your freedom to your home. Seriously not advised. It’s probably over rated anyhow.

Why would you need to manufacture it any how. You can readily pick the stuff up at filling stations across the US for like $5 for 60 25mg tabs. Or even less.

Just my opinion. Why waste so much time and energy on something so easy to pick up.


I agree with Beatnik:

Manufacturing Ephedrine would put you in the Crosshairs of the DEA quicker than you could say “IFBB Pro…”


I work in a law office as an aid at the moment(it gives me the opportunity to sit and read this kinda stuff all day), so I looked this up for you. In Tennessee at least, the answer to your question is Yes, it is illegal. Interestingly, while most normal drugs (cocaine, meth, etc.) are all listed under the same Criminal code, Ephedra has it’s very own. I don’t know why.

Tennessee Criminal Code (TCA) 39-17-431 is listed as Ephedrine and Ephedrine Derivatives-Prohibited Activities

Its not “illegal” to manufacture ephedrine so long as you are registered with the DEA as a manufacturer of List I Controlled Chemicals. If you are not registered and you happen to have some ephedrine and laboratory equipment lying around that would probably qualify as conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine or methcathinone and needless to say, you would be in deep shit. The threshold amount of ephedrine is listed as 0 kilograms by the way, so it doesn’t matter how much you happen to have. Since I don’t imagine the DEA would grant you permission to manufacture ephedrine for personal use your best bet is to buy some “decongestants” containing 25mg ephedrine and 200mg guiaphenesin.

don’t do it. i know of places where you can order it, so making it would prolly bring the scrutiny of law enforcement. in the midwest, ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine are considered precursors to methampetmine, and you can get arrested for manufacturing, as well…