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Illegal Steroids and HIV

Why does the Red Cross say illegal steroid use puts you at risk for HIV?

In what scenario can you get HIV from steroid use?

Dirty needle. Its a tenuous connection but … I’m sure its happened

Sharing needles, in usa there’s law pharmacist have to sale you two or three needles no script. To prevent sharing needles .

that’s not true. I’ve been turned down at pharmacies.

I got script because of my trt, 14 years ago i used to get from pharmacist 10 at time they got in trouble. Ive had to reuse before, that sucks.

I need to think that the Red Cross is full of it and has lumped steroids in with illegal drugs. Yes messed up Heroin users might share needles. But steroid users use fresh needles every time.

were do you live that you can not buy all the needles you want?

What state or do you just have a strange pharmacy? You can buy mail order, it is legal in the USA

I’m in Texas. Any individual pharmacy can refuse to sell you needles if they so choose. Either CVS or Walgreens has a policy against it if you dont have a script, dont remember which one.

And I wasn’t insinuating that I can’t find needles. Just saying I’ve also been turned down at multiple pharmacies here. I buy online.

I was just wondering. I always believed you

I’ve never been denied but I’ve been capped at 10 syringes

I got script for my needles the pharmacy was charging 2 bucks a peice and didn’t have my size i wanted, so i bought a box for 25 dollars from different pharm using my script . He said new law they have to sell three needles at a time, but i think that law is for insulin needles. My buddy had to stop selling insulin needles and rubber tubing at the medical store he worked in, because it is the hub of a very violent biker gang, and didnt like the junkies coming into the store.

Sounds like it’s local store policies and not laws. Junkies hanging out in your store is not much fun

Yeah they scared normal customers, left cigarette butts in front of store, plus you never know if one is to steal.from you.

i think the problem not come from needles but from Undergrounds Labs…

HIV needs fresh body fluids to transfer it. What you said might give you an infection, but it could not be HIV. HIV is a very weak virus.