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Illegal Immigration and Crime


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IF ONLY people could understand this. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with "lowlifes". Every race has good and bad specimens, but we have set ourselves up to be the no brainer destination of choice for the "lowlifes" of the world.


I wish something would be done about this, it's really a huge burden on our society.


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Not long ago, there was a raid on a food processing warehouse about 30 miles from where I live, where they found around 70 illegals working, all of which had stolen Social Security Numbers. The illegals tried to hire an attorney to represent them for wrongful termination, which was ridiculous and no lawyer took their case.

Local media interviewed one of the women working in the plant saying how she had been working there for 19 years and that its not fair she lost her job because her SSN was a stolen one. The reporter responded, asking her how it must feel for the lady who is the real owner of that SSN and how her credit is ruined. The illegal lady couldn't answer.

Here in California, an outside firm determined that the cost of illegals with healthcare, education, and prison costs the state around 13 billion. We have a state deficit of 26 billion. Imagine that, 1/2 our problem could be fixed right there.


So do women driving cars in Saudi Arabia.

So do cannabis smokers the world over.

So do I when seeding "Steamboat Willie" to American IPs.

Many laws are dumb, and we violate them in the name of a cause higher than whatever institution calls itself justice. Freedom of movement for all!

I'm sure you would have been calling Rosa Park a criminal too.


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How was her credit ruined? Job applications have nothing to do with credit.

(I am not for or against anything here. I just don't see how her credit was ruined in this situation.)


The idea was that if the illegal had the SSN's, she might have opened a credit card illegally or a loan or something.


As wrong as you are most of the time, I usually sense some synaptic activity behind your comments. This is a notable exception.


An illegal stole my wife's ssn. Ruined her credit because you need a SSN to get electricity, phone service, ect. Plus all the shit she bought at best buy.

Every year we get a little audit from the IRS because my wife fails to report the $24,000 the criminal makes at a chicken plant in Arkansas. It is a royal pain in the ass.


$24k? god damnit, an illegal alien makes more money than me.


Since 1999 it's ranged from $19,000 to $42,000. The year it was $42,000 there were three people (as best we can tell) using the SSN.


Really? Not in Wisconsin. And not in California either, if I remember correctly

EDIT TO ADD: I guess for cell service you do need a SSN, and that's what most people use now anyway. Also, if you rent, many places use SSN's now.

I imagine it is a pain in the ass and please, don't think I am defending or sympathizing with the offender. I was just curious about the credit part.


Umm, except there are perfectly legal ways to immigrate to the US. Although it is very progressive of you to sit across the ocean and offer my soil to aliens in the name of some cause. Freedom of movement? They are perfectly free to move here if they do it right.

I can't drag my bed into my neighbors house because he has food a plenty and my fridge is empty.


Couldn't have said it better myself. I worked for a small business in NY. He hired a guy from Ecuador and wanted me to learn Spanish to train him. I refused... plain and simple. There was some serious tension until it turns out the new employee was steadfastly on my side. He wanted to learn English.

He had been saving money for years to come here, came here legally and left his family in Ecuador until he had enough to bring them here as well. He cherished that green card. He was dedicated, hard working and had more appreciation for this country than half the ignorant lazy complacent slugs that were born here.

I'd stand at the gate myself and welcome as many like him who wanted to come. They're an upgrade over many of our own natural born citizens, but I have absolutely no tolerance for people who who take it upon themselves to violate our borders illegally. I have even less for so called Americans who think they should be allowed to do it.


I saw firsthand the disproportionate percentage of illegal immigrants involved in the drug trade when I was interning for my judge. It's really shocking. The same is not true for legal immigrants. They are not invisible and also have higher paying jobs. Many illegal immigrants come here simply to make money from the trafficking of illegal drugs.


Sure. Let the floodgates open and allow as many people to come here as they wish in the name of freedom. They should be able to utlize all of our resources while remaining anonymous and undocumented, failing to pay taxes, obey our laws, or contrbute to this country in any meaningul way.


I really don't have much sympathy for them, many of them rape the system and offer little to nothing to contribute. We have stories here all the time about how an illegal who was previously arrested would go and shoot, rob, or steal from someone. It makes no sense, they should be on the bus outta town.


Hey, either they bring you drugs or they do not contribute.

You cannot have it both ways.

Also, the nature of their job probably calls for some lack of documentation.