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Illegal for Supervisor to Share Employee Hours Worked with Staff? (MD)


My supervisor leaves his PC running and sometimes talks about other employees who have missed time, shares this information with other employees quoting hours worked, and ridicules them behind their back. Is this just frowned upon or illegal? (In Maryland if states matter)

Link source?


Ha! My supervisor…
The things that people get away with in the workplace would melt your face if you think that what you wrote was questionable or possibly illegal.


I’m in MD and as far as I know that is not illegal, just poor form. If he shares confidential information, though, that is another matter.


Would sharing the reason why work not missed be confidential? Sharing texts sent in to explain absence with other employees?


Do you know how much stuff I know about other employees… WITHOUT gossiping or inquiring about them? They probably know stuff about me too , without me offering the information.

People ridiculing others behind their backs? At what places does this NOT occur? Haha!

Welcome to the modern workplace. :slight_smile:


What are you doing looking at your boss’s computer?


Nah, I don’t think so anyway.


Like I said, it’s poor form, but not really all that bad. I’ve seen much worse, personally.


It probably contributes to a underperforming work environment leading to resentment, undermining and zero confidence in leadership (see usmc and poor form).

It’s indicative of a piss poor and inappropriate manager.


I had an administrator who would regularly yell at people. She also would ask some people, “What, are fucking retarded?” and “What, are you fucking stupid?”

On one occasion that she didn’t like an interviewee, while the interviewee was leaving her office, she made the an L form with her pointer finger and thumb (the loser symbol) and put her hand upon her forehead and silently mouthed, “Loser”.

At department head meetings, she would violently pound her fist on the table, and take turns yelling at each person with clenched fists and a bobbing and shaking head.

She also forced falsification of healthcare records. Double billing and false billing under her was routine, as it is for many skilled nursing facilities.

She would also refer to people outside of meetings as assholes, worthless, and useless (those we managed, that is).

I’ve also witness god knows much falsification of worked hours as well as sinful laziness and neglect and stupidity and indiscipline.

I’ve also known of unionized workers with** fifteen** write-ups but not fired.

I’ve also known of cases of fornication between employees on the job but hidden somewhere, perhaps an unused patient’s room or somewhere else one can hide. The result: both employees still employed!

The next time someone thinks hospitals and nursing homes, healthcare institutions in general, are bastions of good behavior because they exist to care for people and would employ only obedient, rule-following people, think again!

I also know some guy who during down time or whenever he gets sick of working screws around on T-mag. Oh wait… :flushed:


Aren’t employee schedules often posted for everyone to see? At my workplace (medical center) the clerical staff have posted schedules and the providers are listed on a giant dry erase board with their attached nurses and any schedule irregularities (e.g. half day). What, is it supposed to be secret? I also tend to know if “Kim is sick” or “Dr. Whoever isn’t going to be here tomorrow.”

Talking shit behind people’s backs is rude, of course. But not unusual or particularly shocking.

Looks like you’re after getting your boss in trouble. Why?