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Illegal Alien Hit and Run Driver


The man hit 4 teenage girls that were crossing the street in a crosswalk. Then he took off but was chased down and stopped by a good samaritan. Not only is he a border jumper, he doesn't have a license to drive a car. Obviously the laws of the USA mean nothing to this person.

Anyone that lives in San Diego knows to keep away from folks with Baja plates..





I got hit by a Caucasian woman on a crossing after one car (the one closest to me) had already stopped. She was going 60km/h (about 37-40 mph for you imperialists) when she hit me, and put me in hospital for a month. She also sped up after hitting me and tried to escape. She, however, was not in the country illegally.

It is disingenuous to relate both of these things together as you and the media are attempting to do now. He is a reckless driver. He is an illegal immigrant. These are separate issues.


Racist !


You failed to see the point that as an illegal alien, he should not have been there in the first place. Just imagine if laws were enforced, and he was detained before he hit those 4 girls.

I think we should pass a law that absolves a person of any assault charges if you try to detain an illegal alien, meaning you can whoop his ass blind and not get sued for it. This guy is a hero. I am waiting for some big shot politician to be hit by an illegal alien, maybe then we might see some action.


If he wasn't in the country, what is to say someone else wouldn't have been behind that wheel?

I'm not saying he should be allowed to stay, in fact illegal immigrants should be deported straight away, I'm just saying that adding this hit and run blows the issue out of proportion.


No, I am saying he shouldn't have been in the country in which case this accident would not have occurred.


Max understood the connection.



Did you really just say that "what is to say somoene else wouldn't have been behind the wheel?"

That makes no sense.

And regarding the hit and run, the guy also disobeyed the law in not having a license. For all anyone knows he has no driver's training and is a habitual criminal as he has already broken two laws.



That is a very lame excuse, and you know it. So what was his mentality?... "Well, someone is going to hit these girls, it might as well be me?"


As if the girls were fated to be human targets for car bowling.


I don't seem to recall him hitting the girls on purpose.


170 stitches, I cannot imagine. He is going to be dropping soap in the showers in prison for a good while, he will get plenty of love and acceptance.


You're right, his guilt overcame him, as he kept his foot on the accelerator fleeing the scene. Would you feel the same way if your family members were one of the 4 girls hit?


what? I just am not following what you are saying. Just because he hit them on accident does not mean that the girls had a destiny to be hit by a car regardless of who was driving.


What I'm saying is that accidents happen. He should be held to account for reckless driving.

The fact that he is an illegal is another matter entirely and should be treated that way. What if he was a citizen and hit those girls? He should still go to jail, no?

And Max, if he hit someone close to me, I wouldn't bring up the fact that he's an illegal, I'd be trying to make sure he spends the maximum amount of time in jail before the government deported him.


I can see this might get messy.

I'll just say that I think his inability to adhere to your road codes is not related to his citizenship/visa status.

Consequence is a different story, and driving off is obviously grounds for a more severe punishment.


And again, the relevance is if he wasn't in the country illegally this never would have happened.


No it goes to pattern and practice and would be admissible in Court. It shows a pattern of criminal behavior.

In the country illegally, driving with no license, fled that scene of an accident. Three strikes.


So you're saying that you would be perfectly ok that an illegal alien hit your loved one, when it could have been prevented had the laws been enforced? I wonder if you would still feel that way, when you see what 170 stitches looks like on your family member.

Mak, I had had 45 stitches, and it equates to about 15 inches in length, I doubt you would be so cool with the trauma of 170 when you saw it.