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I'll Rick Roll You and You'll Like It


Dunno if this has been posted yet, or if people have seen/heard it, but it's awesome enough to post again.


I don't know, you rick rolled me, but I didn't like it...


my mind is blown


IMHO, this one's much better


lol it doesnt take much


Are you and professor X in a contest to see who can change their avatar the most? :slight_smile:

(Edit: You cropped that picture all wrong, too. More big tits, less big triceps.)


are you telling me to take my shirt off?


I think he was alluding to wanting to see that girls boobs more and less of your ugly mug (with all due respect of course)



lol yes, thank you polo.

edit* btw every time i come into this thread i have to listen to that song again. fml


Wait... wasn't that video already posted here a few weeks ago?

Oh well. Kind of like when you burp chunks. It's like having the meal again, along with the bitter taste of deja vu.


Sure about that? :wink: