I'll never skip a workout again

Ok, before I tell this story, you need some background…I play rugby, both on a local team and on a travel team. I ride horses, I bike, I spend many hours in the gym lifting and running and beating the crap out of a heavy bag. I love to hike and travel and have adventures. I’m definately not a ‘girly-girl’ I live alone, and I’m not dating so I’m alone every night, except for my cats and lizard.

Last week Katie called me and asked if her friend Dan could crash at my place Thursday night. I said sure, no problem at all. I slept in my room, he camped out on the living room floor. This morning I woke up at 4:50 (normal time) and decided that I was way way way too tired to go run and lift...so I reset my alarm and went back to bed, feeling guilty, but glad for an extra 2 hours of sleep. At 6:15 I woke up to a bizaare chattering sound in my room, I can't see farther than two feet without my glasses, but I could see one of my cats batting something around my room...and the thing was moving and making a horrible noise. I screamed - just like a girl, then I grabbed for my glasses, and before putting them on my face decided that I didn't really want to see what Mordred had. So I scrambled out the other side of my bed and ran to the other room to get Dan. He caught the wounded BAT in a grabage can and brought it outside....while I just about had a heart attack. Had I just gone to the gym like i was supposed to, I never would have even seen the damn thing.

So, um...Katie's picking up Dan this afternoon. Can I have some volenteers who will come over and save me the next time a little bat gets into my house??? *grin*

I will take care of you animal problems, but I am not sleeping on the floor.

I am sending you Dopey, AKA Nala, AKA “The bitch on wheels”. She is a half wolf/half shepard mix, that kills anything that moves…including bats. I live on 10 acres and can say I basicly have NO wildlife thanks to her…no birds, squirrels, rabbits, groundhogs, possums, bats…nothing except two wild turkeys (and that is because the one messed her up GOOD when she tried to kill it, and she has decided that they could stay on the property…she just stays a long ways away from them :slight_smile: ) So Michelle, I will happily loan her to you…she likes to sleep on the bed, is a good snuggler, CAN be a little cranky…OK a LOT cranky at times…but you will get used to her. Don’t plan on having many visitors however…she doesnt like too many people!!

I second Alpha Male’s response. I’m not sleeping on the floor, and I’m sure as hell not getting up at 4, 5, or 6 a.m.!!! But I’d be more than happy to spend the night with you taking care of any animal or “weird, creepy sound” problems. The only animal sounds I make are your basic barking, growling and howling! LOL! Michelle, better yet, you can come spend the night with me. I have a beautiful super plush queen pillowtop bed. You will sleep like a baby. :wink:

Wow Michelle, all these guys being so chilverous! Willing to help you out while expecting NOTHING in return??? Nate would even give up his bed?? I’m sure these guys are COMPLETELY trustworthy alone in a dark house. . .

Ironbabe, your sarcasm hurts me! These are true T-Men, and are only focused on the protection and comfort for all T-Vixens, and that alone is their reward :wink:

I had a bat in my house once. Had the bright idea of catching it in a fishing net and it got all tangled up. It started screeching like mad, so I had to get up close, cut it loose, and when I let it outside, it slowly rose to the air just like you see in bad horror movies. It looked so fake. But bats are cool! Don't kill 'em! Get them outside so they can control the insect population. :-)

You guys are SO sweet!!! Whopper, thank you for the kind offer, i could use a big furry critter in my bed…wait a minute…um…

ironbabe - i expected nothing less from this group of guys. they are all saints (in disguise snicker)

i’ll create a rotating schedule for ‘protectors’ to come to my house - Nate, I have a brand new mattress set (full size though, sorry) you’ll be comfortable, don’t worry!

It sounds like you lost a golden opportunity to add to your menagerie. Or was it menage a trois…

Oh Michelle!! You didnt say you could use a big furry critter in your bed before…you just said protector!! I have just the ticket…he is 6’5" 245 blonde haired, and blue eyed…and furry (at least on the chest) comes with a shepard/wolf mix to do the protecting…while he takes care of other needs!! :slight_smile:


Your workouts sound like my cup o’ tea! I’m always working out by 5:30 or 6am every day, either at the gym or now in the park (I walk my dog over there and he watches me, rather perplexed) I bring my jump rope and a towel and perform all the BW GPP exercises I can. The park has a playground, and man you can do a lot with the stuff they have there. I love it! Gym days are heavy weights. With all the walking/biking I do, I haven’t stepped foot on a Stairmaster in ages, and I don’t miss it. I have always wanted to use a punching bag–sounds like fun! Right now, I’m working on handstand push ups.

If you are ever out in the Denver area, give me a ring. I’d love a hard-core workout partner!

Michelle, the full-size mattress will be fine. It just means we have to snuggle up a little closer to each other. That’s fine with me. :wink: I’m not big, but I am furry. So if that is what suits your pleasure, you know where to find me!

Reege, you would be a hella fun training partner. But I don’t see myself going to Denver anytime soon. Oh well, maybe one of these days I’ll bump into you. Then we can take a towel out to the park and bust out some chins and some GPP!

Next time I grab a towel Nate, I’ll do a few extra pullups for you! And I do encourage you to get on out here to the gorgeous Rockies–there are boulders and mountains and all sorts of “real” training equipment!

Train hard, all fellow T-folks! Life is short, make every rep count.

Think you’ll be needing a “Bat” to keep these guy’s at bay. Haha

It’s all good, the more the merrier!!! All of you come over, Whopper bring the dog - as long as she doesn’t eat cats or bearded dragons - we’ll have a party! that should scare any other bats away…and probably all my neighbors.

Reege - I'll take you up on that! I'm not sure I'm heading to Denver anytime soon, but hey, you never know! I'm in western New York if you're ever out here... You've never tried out a heavy bag? you HAVE to! There's nothing like beating the shit out of something to release tension!

Michelle - I think you’ve already inspired these poor fuckers into “beating the shit out of something to release tension”. Mission accomplished.

Watch what you wish for Michelle, I will be up in western NY next week for 3 days on business…and the following week for 2 days…so again…beware what you wish for smiles

lipo - glad to be of ‘service’ grin

Michelle, would love to ‘look after you’ but being based in London makes it a little difficult. Certainly wouldn’t want to sleep on your floor having travelled all that way, perhaps you could stay at my place, the bats are more friendly in the UK!

Michelle, what kind of horses are you riding? I raise quarter horses for reining competition as a hobby and my wife is a hunter jumper with her T-Bred. We built our hobby horse farm 2 years ago next to a seldom used 10,000 acre state forest. Come on over to CT for a trail ride. However, we do have bats! We even have bat houses up to attract them to eat the insects. Once in a while one will get into the house which is a pain in the butt but what can you do…

Until two weeks ago I was leasing a Q-horse, I primarily do hunt seat equitation. I don’t have my own horse, but hope to have a Morgan someday. Bats are fine outside…they eat tons and tons of bugs…seeing flocks (is that the right term for bats?) of them doesn’t bother me either. I’ve had an animal or two in my bedroom before, but I’m not planning to invite a bat in again any time soon!