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'I'll Never Be a Weightlifter'


quoted by Kai Greene, who at 2:26 "struggling to use 30lb dbs on curls and people at home thinking they can do more!" LOL
(maybe ..but his arm are twice the size of their legs???)
if a size monster like KAI uses this poundages an amateur (competing or not) should re-think about difference between BB____PL__________OL.
cool guy Kai,master of mind muscle connection.


Inb4 a thousand argumentative posts about lighter weights/volume vs. heavy duty......


funny, i saw this video a couple weeks ago and started to lighten the weight and really concentrate on the mind muscle connection. the pumps have been fantastic. alot of soreness the next few days too.

although it looks like im losing some size...


well,thinking out the box it would be possible to use low-volume protocols (HIT,DC,HERNON reverse pyramids etc etc) with right load to recruit just that muscle (full rom,no stretch reflex,low eccentrics,fast concentrics,forced reps,partials)....
i'm doing it but i'm nobody so.....lol

PS, some forum top-writers seem to use right/BB loads...


I think we should remember that this is Kai's view now, but he hasn't always necessarily been this way.

He has been quoted saying he squatted up to 700 lb before (we can debate depth etc whatever), but clearly, there was a time where he simply focused on adding weight to the bar.

Not saying that one shouldn't focus on MMC, on the contrary, I believe it's very important. But at the same time, I think for most on here, a mix between both is perfect.


i actually learned alot while watching this. makes alot of sense. I will definately start doing alot more of that sort of training.


I honestly don't think this video has anything to do with volume vs heavy duty. its just a video of how to do a proper weight for growth, rather than just simply lifting a weight for you ego.




Just cause one used to train a certain way, doesn't mean they don't change how they train or learn what works better. Maybe he did train super heavy and realized thats not the best way for a bodybuilder to train.


No shit chief - yet that's the argument this will spur - just wait and see.


Kai is doing the exercise correctly, but only a really strong person can do it with 30 lb DBs. It's a very difficult exercise - leaning back, arms at side with no support, both arms at once. He's lifting with perfect form, not almost perfect. And he's doing a lot of reps.

Watch as the poor partner can barely handle half the weight.

I'm sure Kai isn't interested in strength, but he has strength.


It seems reasonable that as a bodybuilder develops they will reach points when some methods and techniques are replaced; not because the previous methods were ineffective, but because the lifter has reached a point where priorities have changed. Until a lifter has developed the 'substrate' to form the 'look', no single variable (other than injury prevention) is as important as adding pounds to the bar. Telling people anything else, especially if your advice contradicts your history, seems dishonest to me.


I agree with this completely.
Anytime someone says "help me with my lagging ____" everyone, for good reason, asks how much they are lifting for that body part. And if their weights are not at a certain level, the response is almost unanimous = get stronger.

There's a reason for that. But like you said, if you are consistent enough to reach the point where a reassessment is needed, then different strategies need to be employed.


I agree

I think Kai just says these things to sound smart and eloquent or "zen". It's just building
muscle by lifting weights no matter what fancy language you use.



You're right. Kai probably did realize that constantly adding more weight to the bar, especially once he was lifting such heavy weights, wasn't going to get his physique where he wanted it to be...that doesn't however mean that the strength he gained from that style of training didn't benefit him once he switched to a more MMC style of training.

If one is still very weak and tries to train this way, it will not produce the type of results one would get if they were at Kai's level of development when he switched to this style IMO.

  1. Kai is right, light weight and a great muscle connection is a great thing
  2. kai will also bench 500 for reps, squat 600 for reps and deadlift 700 pounds.

what im saying is. if you wanna be a low weight muscle connection guru , make sure you are fu**ing strong first. you know, like Kai.

any advanced guys you talk to will tell you they can get more out of a 30lb curl than a noob curling twice as much. but they can curl the 80's for perfect reps at will if needed.


I don't think he means that for every single person that walks into the gym. When he was talking about the importance of the MMC, I think he was addressing an audience of people that have spent a number of years in the gym building a base. Most of the people I've seen training with him so far have already accumulated an at least decent base to build upon. I'm sure if he was addressing a noob directly his response would be the traditional "get stronger and eat more". I could be wrong though as I don't know Kai.


The more I watch him, the more I like him. Kai just seems like a good guy.


I recently started a thread on a study stating that using lighter weights were more effective on stimulating MPS.

Most of the replies were: You either lift heavy or go home...

Thanks Kai.


Low-Load High Volume Resistance Exercise Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis More Than High-Load Low Volume Resistance Exercise in Young Men

These results suggest that low-load high volume resistance exercise is more effective in inducing acute muscle anabolism than high-load low volume or work matched resistance exercise modes.

Received: June 13, 2010; Accepted: July 14, 2010; Published: August 9, 2010


Im sorry.. despite his ridiculous massiveness Im having a hard time taking him seriously in that get up