Ill make this short and sweet

I’m starting CD/EDT tomorrow. I am planning my diet and need a little advice and critique on food and supplement timing. I want to do this right. Im tired of jiggling around the midsection.

specs -
6’6", 222.4 TBM, 18.1% BF, 182.1 LBM
calculated reqd calories - 1457 cal/day
calcd reqd prot - 182g prot

daily meals for strict–

pre HIIT -
1 scoop protein, 23p / 1f / 2c / 109cal
post HIIT
1 scoop protein, 23p / 1f / 2c / 109cal

1st meal
Oatmeal,egg whites,veggies,FF cheese
22.4p / 2.5f / 27.7c / 222.7 cal

2nd meal
Chix brst, green beans
29.2p / 3.2f / 5.89c / 169 cal

3rd meal
Tuna, low fat mayo, fiber supp
37.5p / 4f / 2.5c / 196cal (dont have nutrient data for the fiber supp, any recommendations)

4th meal
celery, natl pntbutter, scoop protein
23.2p / 1f / 2.8c / 113cal (dont yet have the nutrient vals for the PB either)

5th meal
Chix brst, green beans
29.2p / 3.2f / 5.89c / 169 cal

before bed
fat free cottage, fish oil
12p / 10f / 8c / 170cal (i figure there will be issues with this one)

supps = Mag10 (took my first taste today, the only thing that kept me from puking was the cost per serving), hot roxx, zma, multi, surge for post workout.

any and all help will be appreciated.

oh yeah, my macro and calorie totals thus far (minus the nutrient values for the peanut butter and fiber stuff)
for a day, this diet will consume

200g prot / 26.1g fat (seems low) / 56.9g carb / 1260 cals (again, plus pb and fiber)


PS – I took my first shot of Mag-10 today. Feeling euphoric and invincible. I think it is like peyote, where you have to puke to feel the effects.

you’re not supposed to take mag10 and hot rox together. i hear it’s a waste. i don’t know why, just trust me on this.

Stephen, please do a little research before you go giving advice to people.

Cheater’s/EDT is a strict diet that uses MAG-10 to allow you to drop your calories very low at the same time. Hot Rox’s optimal use is during a diet.

What’s the problem with this?

stephen3 03:

Nothing wrong with taking hot-rox and Mag-10. The mag-10 is usually taken with a severe diet to combat muscle loss and the hot-rox melts the fat.


You beat me to it this time. For some reason, we keep commenting on the same thing. Must be all this rain over here lately.

Okay. I think I will be taking both. Right now, like I said, I feel euphoric. Im sweating my nuts off even though Im sitting right under the AC (i tried hot roxx before and never really felt any of the effects). But does anyone have any comments on how the food intake, types, ratios, and quantities look? Also, how about when you guys took your supps? I also saw somewhere that you can take your Mag10 with water or Diet Coke. Other than
‘sacking up’, has anyone devised a way to make Mag 10 go down without wanting to come back up. Did Bill consult Jagermeister when developing the flavor?

You need to calm down; you are being too paranoid. Just do the program as outlined and you should do well. If things aren’t progressing as you would like after the first week, you can always consult w/ me and we’ll try to tweak things from there.


I , uh, see your point.

The guy is 220 lbs, doesn’t anyone thing the daily calorie intake is a little too low?

Universl, have you read Cheater’s/EDT before? His caloric intake is appropriate for that diet.

1400 calories for someone your size is called starvation. You will make progress but if you lower your calories this much, please add 1 hypercaloric day like every 3rd day or so.

Please refrain from commenting unless you have read the article; you are only adding confusion to others reading the thread.


sorry, guys, I think I forgot to mention that that was my strict day diet. Im still working on formulating my overfeed. But, just to make sure, we want higher GI carbs, like the stuff that I have been neglecting for far too long?
Do we follow P+C and P+F rules on overfeed day?


I just read the article and this is what I have been doing and it works! I would do something like the Fat Fast for 3-4 days, then binge. Basically super low calories for 3-4 days, then a major calorie day and then do it again. Its strange when you “cheat” 2 times a week and its more effective than not cheating :slight_smile:

On overfeed days I personally try to do things BodyOpus style… since I’m low carbing for the low calorie days, my training depletes me completely. I eat an apple 2 hours before training on the last carb down day and then do circuits until I’m exhausted, then its time for glucose heaven. I probably have 2 servings of stuff that is basically “Surge-like”, then I start with the pasta and whatnot. I find that 2 days after my overfeed my muscles are blow up like balloons and I continue to notice a drop in fat.

For me what works the best is 3-4 days of very low calories and major workouts followed by 1 day of massive calories and a ton of carbs.

Good luck!

The only P/F meal on an overfeed day is the one right before you go to bed (fish oil + LC GROW). All the other meals should be P/C.