I'll Give It a Shot....

Why not???

Always good to get feedback

45 year old mother of two… first comp last year…

Doing another one in 17 weeks…
My goals were to gain some mass and work on the hamstrings… we’ll see where I end up …

This is from June /06

You are looking formidable. Your hams do look like they could use some work but only because your upper body is in such great condition.

Good luck to you


I gave you a 9…only because I want to see more pictures! Please!

You look amazing from this photo! What hard work that must have taken to get to this point! Great physique!


And I’ll admit it. As a 45 year old man who has trouble finding women his age in at least reasonable shape, you ladies are like a breath of fresh air.

Hallelujah! There’s hope for me yet.

Let’s see some more angles and the legs/calves. If you have any dietary tips that helped you get to that level of rippeditude please pass them along.

Kudos to you!

Wow! Whiteknight you look amazing!

I gave you a 10. Not only are you putting in work at the gym, doing contests, you have kids to take care of!! And at age 45 that is awesome, and you look great! Good job girl!

[quote]BiG BeN wrote:
I gave you a 10. Not only are you putting in work at the gym, doing contests, you have kids to take care of!! And at age 45 that is awesome, and you look great! Good job girl![/quote]

Now I wish I could vote again, I would give you a ten also! Darnit!

Awesome! I’d love to see more pics, but you appear to have great muscle size, symmetry, and your leanness is fantastic. 45? You rock, girl!

Now you know, we all want to know your training and nutrition secrets. :wink:

Thats some pretty awesome detail in your upper back. What do the quads look like? If they are anywhere near that shredded, Im going to have to start asking you for training advice.

The fact that youre a mother of two and still make the time to be dedicated enough to your sport to perform like this makes me feel like a bum when I slack off for a few days because I have a lot of work for my classes, haha.

Wow…I didn’t expect the response…awesome!! Thanks so much

I do work hard at the gym…
I really hope I have been able to improve for this years comp…

I want tighter and more defined legs…and more mass but I know that will take time… as long as I progress I will be happy

Here are some more pics… ( had the ahir done in corn rows…it was so much easier )… One judge told me I was holding water in the legs and should have come in dryer in that area… I weighed in at 111 lbs


and another

You look great…would like to see more muscel fulness on stage, You looked a bit flat…maybe too much diuretics or not enough carb loading and a bit more hamstring drop and tighter glutes and a bit more lats when you hit your double bi I think you would do much better…you’re on your way, and for 45 you look phenominal!!! keep up the good work, it’s showin…keep me posted on your next show

[quote]White Knight wrote:
and another[/quote]

From one bodybuilder to another…you look amazing. I will strive to look that great on stage when I am 45 years old. Good for you. I am seriously impressed, and I am giving you a 10!


Thanks for the feedback/critique…

First pic was from my first show… June/06
I qualified to the next level and competed again 7 days later… I found it tough to do a another comp so close ) those are the second set of pics)

I plan on doing a comp in 17 weeks . Aug./07
I’ve learned a lot this season and hopefully some areas have been improved

Awesome Christmas tree. That back definition would take some beating. Abs are excellent too. Legs seem to be where you find it hardest to get really good definition. I read something today SOMEWHERE on T-Nation about what Thib gets his clients to do if they struggle to lose fat in particular areas. I think for legs it was high intensity cycling.

Anyway, well worth a 9, esp. for a 45 y.o.

This is amazing! Truly this gives me huge inspiration to achieve more and set myself even bigger goals:) Thank you for this!

(btw, your achievements were so cool that I finally had to write my FIRST post here after two years hiding behind the scenes.)

Go girl! Go!

Awesome physique…I gave you a 9.
I am sure you will go into your next show in even better condition.