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I'll Get Fit Now

I’m 18, about a year ago I weighed 250 give or take. I started losing weight with cardio, and then began lifting to get sexy about 6 months ago. I’ve lost about 45lbs since then.

The point of this thread is to motivate myself train harder.

Although I’ve gained alot of muscle mass, I’m still seriously lagging behind. My main goal is to gain more muscle everywhere. The fat will come off if I work hard enough.

I did West Side for Skinny Bastards for most of my time training, but I took some breaks for various months, for various reasons…

I’m going to continue on a plan similar to that, and in a couple weeks I’m want to try the Super Acccumulaton program.

Here’s me at 205.

No, it’s going to come off through your diet

Yeah definitely regardless of how much cardio or lifting you do the bad weight will not come off unless you have a suitable diet. You’ve already lost quite a bit of weight already, but the last lbs of fat are without a doubt much harder to take off and in all likelihood you’re going to have to tune your diet to meet your bodies new demands.

[quote]Misterhamper wrote:
The fat will come off if I work hard enough.

No, it’s going to come off through your diet[/quote]

I definately include diet when I say work hard.

No offense, you have only been lifting 6 months, save the super accumulation progam for a plateau sometime in the future IMO. 6 months in you don’t need a “begginner” program but you don’t need something that demanding. I have been at this lifting thing for about 5 years and am still making gains with total body workouts and programs like ABBH. I got all pumped after reading the super accumulation article, but I still am a little hesitant to try it.

Higher frequency lifting (3 total body workouts, or a push pull split) should still pull you good results and be alot more reasonable.

Again thats just my opinion.

I would say get your diet in check, get on a solid program for a year, tighten up that form real good then start looking into plateau busters and 2 a day type things if you want.

Good job with the weightloss so far and good luck going forward with whatever u decide tho.

Why are you posting this? Atleast put up your diet and a question or two so we can help you? Or maybe you just like posting half naked pictures on the internet?