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I'll end their life myself

If they find this guy, I’ll take care of the punishment:

Cat Killer

I’ll fly over and help you.

Hell i’ll swim over and help you.

Bastards like this should be strung up by the knackers.

I think I found the cat killer. He was looking in my window today. Ok that’s a total fabrication, my dog is afraid of cats because he once got beat up by one. That’s some sick shit though.

He’s even afraid of cameras…

If we don’t take care of these things now we will have to deal with them when they become serial killers.

This one would probably lick a damned cat before she would kill one.

Friggin pascifist dog.

Scrub: Your puppy’s awesome! How old is he?

Dagnabit, now I’m all jonesing to go rough house with a big ol’ rottie…

some people need to die.

The killer won’t be around for long. Cats have been known to exhibit interesting survival techniques…

Sniper Kitty - yeah!

Its well known that freaks who torture animals tend to move on to doing the same to humans.

I’ll be in Denver next week, maybe there’ll be a public stoning of the bastard.


There are too many cats. I have been doing some volunteer work at the Humane Society and there are a bazillion cats there. Cute ones too. I was thinking of becoming a cat owner but I think there would be problems with my carpet python; right now the cat could probably do some serious damage to the snake, however in a few years I think the cat would very well become dinner.

Oh well.

I heard about this on TV. Let me just say i wish somebody would hurt my cat. It would honestly be the last thing they ever did.

Survival instinct.

Sick as it sounds, I hope it’s an adult and not some kid …this shit is how serial killers get started at an early age.

Karma: he’s 6. Great dog, it’s like having a domesticated bear.

I had a house with a friend of mine a few years ago and his older bro moved in with us and tried to show my dog who’s boss…bad idea. He was trying to kick his tennis ball out of his mouth so my dog returned the favor. Dog + hiking boot + foot = shredded boot and mangled bloody foot (T forum math). I was in my room studying, comes to the door with a 12-gauge pointed as his head, “where do ya want the mess, fucker bit me.” All I said was “dude I’ll kill you.”

Guess that’s why the nickname his friends gave him as a kid stuck: Dub (dumb ugly bastard)

Motherless fuck. Castrate him.

I said it before, but if you are mean to animals then you probably arent a very nice person.

Dude should be skinned alive and dipped in salt water. Cats a cool.

Scrub: OMG, what a Dub! Who the hell tries to kick a tennis ball out of a rottie’s mouth? Fucking idiot. Your pup showed more restraint than I’d have if I were in his position. Hey, was he doing the I’m-too-excited-to-sit-still dance when you took the close up? You know, the one where they try to squish down like their a little dog and not a 150lb beast and they get all squirmy in the rear end? He’s just got that kind of face going on.

Ah hell. I need to get a backyard.

I guess I’ll post a pic along with everyone else. We just got finised hunting. As you can tell, I’ve got a little coonass in me(for those of you who don’t know what a coonass is, It’s like a hick-country boy that lives in the marsh areas of Louisiana). On a side note, My last labrador got whupped by a cat when he was a puppy and was scared of them for the rest of his life.