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I'll Bet...


I'll Bet...

... Sick Abs is gay, but only for himself.

... Mighty Stu is a vegan.

... Ct Rockula is a skinny white goth kid.

... October Girl smells good.

... Polo77j smells better.

... Prof X has no lats.

.... CoolNateDawg draws better than I do. In his dreams.

... Kerly has a small nutbag.

... ImHungry shits in a litter box.

... PMPM carries a Hello Kitty lunchbox.

... WolBarret lives with his mom.

... Four60 eats his shin scabs.

... Vegita doesn't even lift weights.

... JehovasFitness can belch "Kumbaya"

... Print takes his dates to Cracker Barrel. Those guys love it there.

... LankyMofo really enjoys changing diapers. His grandmother's.

... Nards wears his gf's panties. From the hamper.

... DebraD doesn't have a face, and nobody seems to mind.

... Dustin loves Nickelback, but fantasizes that KidRock, is on vocals.

... BradTGIF can't wait for tomorrow every Thursday.

... MagicPunch lost his library card.

... CountingBeans counts beans. Really.

... Andrewg909 is really 13 years old. It says so on his driver's license.

... SteelyD shreds on cigar box-and-rubberband guitar. WIth a penny as a pick, no less!


I'll take you up on the X having small lats bet. I'll even give you 2:1 odds. The rest are all true though.


I'll bet you're not a bulletproof tiger


I'll bet you drive a Mini Cooper.


ID, I'm glad your new avatar is using a mixed grip.


I do. So what?


I'll bet WestCoast7 uses a mixed grip when fapping.


I'll bet ID's penis is proportionate to his body. :wink:

And before you deny it....POIDH


YESSSS!!! I finally made a list other than a hitlist!!! I've done it all now.

And my dreams are pretty fucking vibrant I'll have you know...


LOL @ vibrant.

and you would be safe to bet I'm not a BulletproofTiger. What? Did my avatar give it away? There's only one way to find out f I'm bulletprof though... brb


yea well you go ahead and feel lucky. I feel left out. Even 'Andrew #2' made the list. I guess this is what happens when you spend all your time in Thread Killer.


I was looking for you on there. 1900+ posts and that's the respect you get.


I actually thought about how If I was another guy I'd really want to do me, with this terrific ass of mine. Funny that you made this today. Thanks for giving me the top spot too.

I'll bet.. the phillies crush everyone with the acquisition of roy oswalt. haters gonna hate




Best compliment I've received all week, subtly drawing attention to the girth of my manhood.


LMFAO. its the old "If I was another man and would fuck myself does that make me gay or just really narcissistic?"


Well you got mine right! One time I dressed up as a pirate for Halloween or Christmas or something and I needed an eye patch so her black panties came in handy.


So anyone else notice that because SickAbs posted twice in a row, his avatar is pointing at himself?


Shin scabs??? WTF why you little knee high white guy I ahhttaaaa


He was only trying to confirm the OP.