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I'll Bet You An Avatar


After seeing DJHT with his completely homosexual Tom Brady avatar picture, I thought it would be fun to start a thread in which members make bets on anything they want, with the wager being the loser of the bet has to use the other person's picture of choice as their avatar for a month.

My first call out is going to DBCooper - I'll bet you an avatar that the Phillies win their division this year. You got the Braves. Game on?

UtahLama - you're next.


I am just putting my self in this thread since I fucking LOST to fighting fires in a fair bet. I now have a very gay looking Brady.

<-------------------------------- FML

Lanky carry on and good thread.


I saw you mention the bet but I must have missed it, what was it?


gay? lol ok


I'm not saying TB is gay, I'm saying that picture is gay. Now make a bet or go be gay. Those are your only choices.


Okay Stephen Paea is a DT from Orgen State that benched in the Combine 225 49 times a new combine record. I bet FF that he would go in the 3rd round or later, due to history all the guys with short ass arms and do this many reps do later. They just dont produce on the field. He stated he would go early, so in the 2nd round the Bears had the later picks in the round and picked him. He was about 4-5 picks short of going into the third, what sucks it is also FF team that picked him. SO Smiling Polightly found this nugget of a picture of Brady and everyone jumped on it for it to be my AVI.

Sorry Meni but come on man are you telling me he cant swing both ways?


Lol fun times will flow


What happens if the Marlins win it ? :stuck_out_tongue:


You're on you swarthy bastard! I like this idea a lot!

Okay, but what happens if the Marlins win the division? Is it a wash, or do I win if the Phils simply don't finish first regardless of who does? I'll take this bet either way since I'm a gambling man, but I just want to be clear on things.


I hope Bob Saget loses his avi at in this thread.


Just want to add that the first bet of this kind I am aware of was last years NBA playoff thread, before Drew lost a 2nd bet to abandon his account and create a new one entirely he lost a bet to use a retarded avatar, pic related =p


Totally Unrelated to the thread but a dude at my last meet repped 225 for 54 good solid reps. I was very impressed....


C'mon somebody bet me. I need the competition


I'll bet you that the post immediately after mine is from a male T-Nationer rather than a female T-Nationer. Avatars on the line. You in?


I wish I knew more about how much you pussies lifted. I love a good PR challenge. If that doesn't work, I dare Hallowed to not send me a nekkid pic


I agree that is impressive. But he is not as strong as the guy who posted above me, just ask him.


Okay fuck it. Giants vs Mets today through Thursday. Any Mets fans out there want to bet the Mets take the series? I've got my avatar on the Giants.


Fuck I should have been quicker.


Lol! If you were quick enough, you would have been the next poster and would have lost the bet!


If the Marlins win it's a wash, if the Nats or Mets win....lol, nevermind.

I'm surprised more bets haven't been placed. DBC, do you plan on showing me which picture you'll have me post as my avi if you win? I haven't given it much thought yet, I'd be willing to take suggestions, though.