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I'll be Damned

I ALWAYS look foward to coming to work Saturday mornings cause I get to read this week’s t-mag articles. I work at a corporate fitness center and Saturday’s tend to be a “slow” day compared to the other days of the week. Shoot…as I am writing this, there are only 2 people working out right now. Anyways, I turn on the computer and I log onto t-mag. I check out the forum first to see if anything looks interesting and to see if I had and pm’s, which I didn’t…:o( I then read all the articles going down the list from the Atomic Dog to Book of Training Secrets. The last thing I do each week is check out the reader mail. Low and behold…I AM IN IT!!! The very last one…“Nerds Rule”. HAHA. Call me a dork or whatever, but I laughed my can off when I saw that I made reader mail! How cool is that? Definetely made my day. Does this make me some sort of t-mag celebrity or something???. Damn…I didnt think so…;o)

 Oh yeah? Try to get THREE emails on the same reader mail column! I did sometime in july or august last year! TC and the guys musta REALLY liked my questions because they printed all three of em in the same issue, lol.

 Yeah, it's pretty sweet to make reader mail.


I saw you in the loop, my man! Way to go! You’re already a celebrity in my heart though, bro. I still need to know about the story with the chicas, Tony…

Oh, my girl Cass is plastered all over Reader Mail like Sammy Sosa in the sports pages! And that line about Chad and Nicole Bass…man, I just love how the guys rip each other, all in good fun!